Version v0.9a (alpha) Release Notes

This open source project is an alpha version, provided as is, to give early adopters access to the pilot project, prior to the beta version. The one and only wearable device for the pilot project is the Galaxy Watch 4.

What's New

Version 0.9 (v0.9) alpha is the first publicly-released version of Samsung Health Stack, so everything is new! The web portal user interface allows non-developer researchers to control many aspects of studies.


The documentation primarily uses non-technical language, focused for non-developer researchers. It describes in detail all features of the web portal.

The API Reference (found as the last category in the left navigation panel ) and app SDK documentation (currently only available by request) are in their infancy.

Study Management

Alpha version functionality:

  • Creating an account
  • Creating a study
  • Inviting members and assigning roles
  • Creating a survey
  • Previewing a survey
  • Scheduling and publishing a survey

App Creation

Alpha version functionality:

  • Building the mobile app
  • Configuring the app
  • Retrieving sensor data
  • Testing the app

Study Execution

Alpha version functionality:

  • Onboarding participants
  • Collecting survey and sensor data

Results Analysis

Alpha version functionality:

  • Viewing charts and graphs
  • Viewing individual Results
  • Running queries
  • Exporting data for external analysis

API Reference

Alpha version functionality:

  • Backend API endpoint descriptions
  • Data query API endpoint descriptions
  • Account service API endpoint descriptions