Version v1.0 Release Notes

What's New

1. Survey Management

A various selection of new question types

v1.0 introduces a various selection of new question types, as well as question grouping options.

  • image choice, ranking, date/time picker, text input

Survey grouping / branching

With the addition of sectioned surveys, this update also showcases branching logic for surveys.
This allows researchers to create surveys where certain question sections may be skipped based on answers in a prior section.
This functionality is limited to surveys with sections.

2. Data Collection

A various type of activity task

Activity tasks are introduced with v1.0. Activity tasks guide the users through different physical activities, and resulting data is made available to researchers.

  • mobility, balance, cognition, cardiovascular strength, and reflexes.

In-Lab visitations

Samsung HealthStack now accepts in-lab visit data through researcher data uploads to public cloud (AWS, GCP, Azure).

3. Data Management

Public cloud management

To facilitate management of collected data, v1.0 now utilizes cloud storage functionalities for data storage.
Researchers will be able to access and modify data easily through signed URLs.

  • AWS, GCP, Azure

To fortify the privacy of Samsung HealthStack based systems, researcher role authorities were further separated compared to previous releases.

4. Education

Publish education material (Only App)

Applications created with v1.0 now feature an optional bottom navigation bar with an Education tab.
Researchers can now add publications with information for participants, and the publications will be displayed on the Education page.
Supported publication types include videos and PDF files, made available through cloud storage integration.

5. Application Menu

v1.0 applications now have Profile, Settings, and Info functionalities.

The profile page gives users the option to input additional demographic data.
Through settings, users can toggle notification preferences, and set the desired time for daily task notifications.
Researchers can provide information on a study through the info page, along with relevant contact information.