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Subscription Guide

The Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) subscription guide explains the pricing options of subscriptions (configured in Seller Portal) and the API calls used to manage subscriptions.

What is a subscription?

A subscription is a type of in-app item that is offered through your app in Galaxy Store. When a user purchases the item, the item can be used for a specified amount of time (called a subscription period or payment cycle). When the subscription period ends, the item is automatically renewed (that is, the item can again be used for another subscription period) and the user is automatically billed the subscription item price. A subscription item can be any kind of content (such as an e-zine or app game board). The user can cancel the subscription at any time.

The user pays for a subscription by credit card, Samsung Pay, phone bill, or PayPal. Rewards points or other non-monetary discount methods cannot be used for the purchase or auto-payment of in-app items.

The Samsung IAP payment system manages the sale of in-app items after your app is published in Galaxy Store.