Subscription Guide

This guide explains key features of subscription in-app items and how to register them to your apps that integrate Samsung IAP functionality.

1. Feature

Your apps that integrate Samsung In-App Purchase APIs can offer Automatically Repeating Subscription (ARS) in-app items that:

  • Availability
    • Can be any type of content (such as a magazine, e-zine, app game boards).
    • Multiple items can have the same content, but with different prices and/or subscription periods for promotion or other purposes.
    • Can be offered through your app and purchased by app users.

  • Subscription periods
    • Can have weekly, monthly, every 3 months, every 6 months, or yearly subscription periods.
    • Subscription renewals occur on the same day of the week, month, or year as the day of purchase.
    • App users are billed at the start of each period.
    • After one period ends, the next period starts automatically, until the app user cancels their subscription (at any time during free trials or paid subscriptions).

  • Free trials and tier price
    • Can optionally have one free trial period (7 to 999 days) with an initial purchase price of 0.
    • Subscription periods with auto payments begin after the free trial.
    • Can optionally have with a lower-tier purchase price and lower-tier price subscription periods (any reasonable price below the regular price for 1 to 100 subscription periods). After the lower-price periods end, regular-price periods automatically begin.
    • Must have regular-tier price periods (any reasonable price).
      If an item does not have a free trial or lower-tier pricing, the item has a regular-tier purchase price.

  • Availability period
    • Can optionally be available for purchase during a fixed time period only (for example, to run a limited promotion of an item), which can have special promotional lower and regular prices, and a free trial.

    • An app can get details about the item only during the available time period.
      If a fixed-time availability period is not set, the item will be available to app users until it becomes inactive or you unregister it.
      Note: App users who purchase the limited-availability item can continue to use the item, even after the item is no longer available.

    • Can optionally be available to only app users with specific mobile devices.
      Note: Only Samsung partners can do this.

    • Are automatically paid for and renewed at the end of each lower- or regular tier period until the app user cancels their subscription.

  • Cancellation
    • At any time after purchase, app users can cancel their subscription in Galaxy Store by navigating to My apps > Receipts > Items tab> Select purchased item and clicking Unsubscribe.
    • After an app user cancels a subscription item, they can purchase the item again.
      However, the item's free trial and lower-price do not apply to repurchases.

2. Manage subscriptions

All in-app items of a free or paid app are registered to the app in the Galaxy Store Seller Portal (

After the app and its items pass review testing and are published, the Samsung IAP payment system manages the sale of in-app items.
Before or after item purchase, your apps can get details about any items (such as free trial status, price(s), and whether an item’s subscription is currently active) by making an IAP Helper getProductsDetails API call (either before or after item purchase), a getOwnedList API call (after item purchase), or by getting details from your app server after it gets the details by making an IAP Server API call (after item purchase, where app-server communication is independent of the Samsung IAP ecosystem).

App users can pay for subscription item purchases by credit card or Samsung Pay. Rewards point or other discount methods cannot be used for purchase or auto-payment.

Initial purchase prices, subscription auto-payment prices, and repurchase prices depend on whether the item has a free trial, whether the item has lower-price periods and how many, and the item’s lower price and regular price.


After the purchase of in-app items, your app and your app server can work together to:

  • Verify the item purchase using the getPurchaseReceipt IAP Server API.
  • Get current item details (such as free trial status, and subscription status, price, duration) using the getSubscriptionStatus IAP Server API.
  • The app must send the purchase ID to your app sever, which then makes appropriate Samsung IAP Server API calls to request purchase status and information. The server can then forward the purchase status to the app. For more details, see the Samsung IAP Programming Guide.
  • After an item is published, its Seller Portal registration settings (such as prices and subscription periods) cannot be changed. However, you can delete the item and register a new item with the desired settings.

Subscription scenarios

For each type of subscription item, the following diagrams indicate the purchase and auto-payment prices upon initial purchase.

After subscription items are initially purchased, cancelled, and then purchased again, free trial and lower-tier pricing are not in effect, as indicated in the following diagram.

Email receipts

Samsung IAP sends subscription item purchasers emails about significant events:

  • Free trial sign-up email: Sent after initial purchase of an item with a free trial. Contains item product and order information.
  • Subscription purchase email: Sent after initial purchase of an item without a free trial, subscription renewals, and after item repurchases.
    Contains item product and payment information, including the price of the item’s first period: a free trial ($0), a lower-tier price, or a regular-tier price.
  • Free trial expiration email: Sent 7 days before the end of a free trial period. Contains item product and subscription information.
  • Subscription renewal email: Sent near the end of each lower or regular subscription period, which indicates that an auto-payment for the next subscription period will happen soon. Contains item product and subscription information.
  • Subscription cancellation email: Sent after an item is cancelled, either by the user or for another reason. Contains item product information.

3. Registering subscription in-app items

You can add any number of consumable, nonconsumable, and subscription in-app items to the Seller Portal registration of an app that integrates Samsung In-App Purchase API features. The Samsung ecosystem supports the offering and sales of registered in-app items. Although registration of subscription items is similar to other types of items, there are some key differences.
Caution: Ensure your item registration information is correct before you click ‘Save’. After that, you can only change the item title.

To register a subscription in-app item

  • An Android app APK binary file that integrated IAP must be registered before items can be registered to it.
  1. Sign in to Seller Portal ( using your Samsung account.

  2. Click Add New Application.

  3. Click Android, select the default language, and click Next.

Note: After entering information in each tab, click Save.

  1. In the Binary tab, upload your app APK.
  2. In the App Information tab, enter fundamental app details.
  3. In the Country / Region & Price tab, specify a free or paid app, a paid app price, and your country.
  4. In the In App Purchase tab, register one or more in-app items:

  • Click Add Item

  • Select Item Type*: (Subscription) and enter in-app item information.

  • To set lower-price subscription periods, checkmark Tiered Subscription.

  • Click Save

  • Verify the item is listed.