Submit the App to Galaxy Store

Check the operation mode

After IAP integration, you must check the operation mode before submitting the app. If you submit the app with OPERATION_MODE_TEST, the users will get all the items for free. So, before beta release or normal publication, confirm that the operation mode is OPERATION_MODE_PRODUCTION.

Beta test

Before submitting your app and its in-app items for review testing and normal publication in the Galaxy Store, you can beta release a test version of the app and one or more of its items to test IAP integration.

All beta testers download the beta app from the beta test URL for free (including paid apps). Beta testers can be non-licensed (must be billed for in-app item purchases) or licensed (get in-app items for free).

For successful beta testing, beta testers need to uninstall the existing app and install the app using the beta test URL.

If you make modifications to your app during a beta test, you must update the app in Seller Portal and then beta release this app. Beta testers must uninstall the old beta version and use the new beta test URL to download the new beta version.

Set up a beta test of IAP integration

Before setting up a beta test:

  • In the app APK, the IAP operating mode must be OPERATION_MODE_PRODUCTION.
  • The app and at least one in-app item must be registered in Seller Portal.
  1. In the Binary tab in Seller Portal, click Closed Beta Test > Settings.

  2. Register all beta testers (non-licensed and licensed) and set up the beta tester feedback channel.

  3. Click Save and Submit Beta Test.
    The Beta Testing URL is sent to the beta testers to download the beta version app.

  4. Register License Testers in Seller Portal (from your Profile page).

Submit the app

When you have created an app version that is ready for review testing and normal publication in Galaxy Store, register the app and its in-app item, and then click Submit.

For more details, see the App Registration Guide.