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SDK and Sample

Samsung In-App Purchase SDK v6.1.1
(7 MB) 3/15/2024

Release Note

March 15, 2024

Release Version : Samsung In-App Purchase SDK v6.1.1

  • Release Contents
Contents Descriptions
SDK Libraries Provides IAP SDK
Sample Provides IAP sample applications

Change History

Samsung In-App Purchase 6.1.1 (2024.03.15)

Released in In-App Purchase 6.1.1:


  • Distributing the aar library rather than the project file
  • Set minSdkVersion to 23 and targetSdkVersion to 34


  • Enhancement of payment security

Samsung In-App Purchase 6.1 (2020.10.14)

Released in In-App Purchase 6.1:


  • Apply One UI 2 concept


  • Refactoring error codes
  • Remove an error pop-up in case of network errors
  • Modification according to change of package visibility policy in Android 11


  • _showSuccessDialog parameter in startPayment() API
Samsung In-App Purchase SDK v6.1
(785KB) 10/14/2020

Samsung In-App Purchase 6.0 (2019.12.12)

Released in In-App Purchase 6.0:


  • Lower and regular tiered subscription pricing feature
  • Subscription test feature
  • Subscription availability period
  • feature and Seller Portal setting
  • Samsung Checkout UI / UX
  • Subscription sales data available at Seller Portal > Statistics
  • getOrderId() API in the PurchaseVO object of the startPayment() method response
  • RESTful /iap/v6/receipt API for receipt verification


  • Email receipt formats
  • getSubscriptionStatus() API


  • getPurchaseReceipt API
Samsung In-App Purchase SDK v6.0
(425KB) 12/12/2019

Samsung In-App Purchase 5.1.0 (2018.05.24)
  • Released with enhanced stability and better performance.
Samsung In-App Purchase SDK v5.1.0
(408KB) 05/24/2018

Samsung In-App Purchase 5.0.1 (2017.12.07)
  • Fixed a bug arising from Android Oreo Policy Changes. (Sample application has been modified).
Samsung In-App Purchase SDK v5.0.1
(396KB) 12/07/2017

Samsung In-App Purchase 5.0.0 (2017.11.09)
  • The four existing, complex product types (consumable, non-consumable, non-recurring subscription(NRS), and auto-recurring subscription) have been simplified into two types (item and subscription).
  • Version 5.0 provides a new API set and does not support the API set from previous versions. The new API set has the following major characteristics:
    • Supports Managed Items : As of Version 5.0, the IAP system manages the history of owned consumable items. With this information, the IAP system can prevent items from being repurchased before purchase is completed and guarantees item provision in case of an unexpected event, such as a network or battery problem.
    • Owned Product List : This function is used to provide lists of current unconsumed items and available subscriptions, not a purchase history. Upon launching an application, this function calls getOwnedList. If lists of unconsumed items exist, they must be released using the consumePurchasedItems function.
    • Product Details : This function provides not only a list of all products, but also a list of requested products
    • Pass-Through Parameter : This is a type of transaction ID that a developer creates and sends when there is a payment request, which responds with the same value for the processed IAP payment result and is used to enhance security.
Samsung In-App Purchase SDK v5.0.0
(429KB) 11/09/2017

Samsung In-App Purchase 4.0.0 (2016.09.08)

Issue details

  • There is a runtime exception when Samsung Billing 4.0 is not updated in user device.

Solutions for this issue

  • Use new iap4Helper in Samsung In-App Purchase 4.0.1 file

Samsung In-App Purchase 3.0.1 (2016.01.15)

Issue details

Solutions for this issue (choose between 1 and 2 below)

  1. Modify the source code of iap3Helper that already exists. Comment out or delete lines for windowNoDisplay in styles.xml (path: \Samples\iap3Helper\src\main\res\values\styles.xml):
Show Lines <style name="Theme.Empty" parent="AppTheme">  
<item name="android:windowBackground">@android:color/transparent</item>  
<item name="android:colorBackgroundCacheHint">@null</item>  
<item name="android:windowIsTranslucent">true</item>  
<item name="android:windowAnimationStyle">@null</item>  
<item name="android:windowNoTitle">true</item>  
<item name="android:windowContentOverlay">@null</item>  
<item name="android:backgroundDimEnabled">true</item>  
<item name="android:windowDisablePreview">true</item>  
<!--<item name="android:windowNoDisplay">true</item>-->  
  1. Use the new iap3Helper in the Samsung In-App Purchase 3.0.1 SDK.

Samsung In-App Purchase 3.0.0 (2015.05.21)
  • In-App Purchase 3.0 supports Auto-Recurring Subscriptions to let app developers sell in-app items every month with automated and recurring billing.
  • ItemGroupId is replaced by package name of 3rd party application. As a result, ItemGroupId is deprecated.
  • In-App Purchase 3.0 supports the use of custom item IDs like "GUN", "machinegun", "bullet", and so on.
  • New method to get cached inbox list is added. This method gets the purchased item list just for specified product item IDs. Especially, this new method gets fast response because client caching is supported.

Samsung In-App Purchase 2.0.1 (2014.12.31)
  • Fixed a bug rising from Android 5.0 Policy Changes. (Samsung In-App Purchase library has been modified to fix abruptly shut down of apps using Samsung In-App Purchase.)

Enhancements to Developer Guide (2014.01.07)
  • The IAP 2.0 library and IAP 2.0 programming guide, the libraries and programming guides for Adobe AIR developers, as well as the sample source have been updated.

Samsung In-App Purchase 2.0 (2013.06.20)
  • In-App Purchase 2.0 supports three item types (consumable, non-consumable, and subscription) to provide greater convenience for app development.
  • Previous IMEI-based item purchase history management is replaced by account-based management. Non-consumable items purchased while signed in using a user account can be recovered after app reinstallation if the account’s purchase history can be confirmed.
  • Supports Single Sign-On, which allows users to access all content services supported by Samsung after signing in with their Samsung account within In-App Purchase.
  • In-App Purchase v2.0 now supports sales of items in the United States, which is the world’s largest market. US users can purchases items using a credit card within apps that utilize In-App Purchase 2.0.
  • In-App Purchase 2.0 features the UX of the latest version of Samsung Apps, offering a better UX (User eXperience).
  • The previous library is switched to a stand-alone-type APK, providing easier synchronizing between apps and In-App Purchase.

Samsung In-App Purchase 1.95.0 (2013.02.15)
  • In Korea, you are required to enter your Resident Registration Number when making a small purchase through your phone. According to Act on Promotion of Utilization of Information and Communications Network, the collector of Resident Registration Numbers has changed from Samsung to PG.
  • After February 18th, it is impossible to make in-app purchases in Korea using SDK v1.90.0 or lower. If you develop applications with this updated SDK, however, you can sell in-app items in Korea as before.

Samsung In-App Purchase 1.90.0 (2012.12.18)
  • You can apply In-App Purchase to Applications developed in Unity 3D(Game Engine). User Interface has been dramatically improved.
  • User Interface has been dramatically improved.
  • You can see subdivided error codes and user-friendly error messages.

Samsung In-App Purchase 1.80.0 (~2012.06.29)
  • 2012.06.29 Samsung In-App Purchase 1.80.0
  • 2012.05.07 Samsung In-App Purchase 1.77.0
  • 2012.01.20 Samsung In-App Purchase 1.60.0
  • 2011.10.27 Samsung In-App Purchase 1.50.0



  • Samsung Account Log-in functionality
  • Various payment methods across countries in the world
  • Payment test without charge
  • Beta test environment
  • Item consumption management
  • Enhanced security with Pass-through parameter
  • Flexible free trial period and Multiple subscription payment cycles

Product Types

  • Item
  • Subscription