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Programming Guide

The Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) programming guide explains how to integrate and configure IAP, defines the IAP SDK and IAP Server APIs, and briefly describes what to do before submitting your app to Galaxy Store.

By integrating IAP, your apps can sell three types of in-app items.

  1. Consumable: App users can use items only one time (for example, coins, special powers, gems).

    Items can be repurchased, but only after the app reports them as consumed by calling consumePurchasedItems().

  2. Non-Consumable: App users can use items any number of times (for example, e-books, game boards).

    Items cannot be repurchased.

  3. Subscription: App users can access items (such as magazines, e-zines, newspapers) any number of times during a free trial or while their paid subscriptions are active.

    See the Subscription Guide for more information about subscription items.

You can beta test your IAP integration before you submit your app for review and normal publication in Galaxy Store. See the Test Guide for more information.