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What is Samsung In-App Purchase?

Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) is a payment service that makes it possible to sell a variety of items in applications for Samsung Galaxy Store and internally manages communication with supporting IAP services in the Samsung ecosystem, such as Samsung Account, Samsung Checkout, and Samsung Rewards.

In-App Purchase can be used either to make a one-off payment or to pay for a regular subscription. Items that can be sold through In-App Purchase include premium content, virtual goods such as in-game items, and specific services with different length license terms.

IAP offers an SDK and Server APIs:

  • IAP Helper class and Helper APIs enable you to easily integrate IAP functionality into your app, such as configuring IAP, getting item details, offering and selling items, and managing purchased items.
  • IAP Server APIs enable you to communicate with IAP server to verify item purchases, create a service token, and check subscription status.

Payment methods, including credit card, phone bill, and PayPal, are available for Samsung In-App Purchase in more than 120 countries. To apply Samsung In-App Purchase to your applications successfully, make sure you read the following documents thoroughly.

Four basic steps to selling in-app items

Expanded Availability for Galaxy Watch

Samsung In-App Purchase supports Android devices and Tizen-based Galaxy Watch devices.

To sell items in applications exclusive to the Galaxy Watch, you must have a thorough understanding of the Tizen SDK. The In-App Purchase feature can be implemented by using the Extension SDK.

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Samsung IAP Unity Plugin

Access Samsung IAP from the Unity development platform. The Samsung IAP Unity plugin (sometimes called the Samsung Unity IAP plugin) contains all Samsung IAP related scripts and libraries. See Unity IAP Plugin for more information.