Version v0.9b (beta) Release Notes

This open source project is a beta version, provided as is, to give early adopters access to the pilot project prior to the official release. The only wearable device for the pilot project is the Galaxy Watch 4.

What's New

Samsung Health Stack version 0.9 (v0.9) beta is now available at The beta version contains many internal improvements and has gone through a rigorous verification process. The sections below describe what's new that is visible from the outside.


The documentation is now much more robust. It still primarily uses non-technical language, focused for non-developer researchers and describes in detail all features of the web portal.

The Developer Reference (found as the last category in the left navigation panel) now contains:

  • The API Reference - improved with details for all account service, data query, and study API requests.
  • The app SDK documentation - greatly improved and now publicly available.

Health Connect

Samsung Health Stack has integrated the Health Connect API! In addition to our documentation, refer to the Health Connect API developer documentation for more information.

Account Creation

Every member collaborating on a study needs a Samsung Health Stack account. In addition to the command line account creation available in the alpha version, initial account creation is now available through an easy to use web portal user interface.