WebAssembly Emscripten

Here you can download Emscripten SDK modified by Samsung. It has Samsung TV specific APIs added and some bugs fixed, compared to the original version.

Emscripten SDK

(165MB) Dec 10, 2021
(635MB) Dec 10, 2021
(213MB) Dec 10, 2021

Release Notes

Release Notes:

  • Toolchain:

    • added multicast options to Tizen Sockets
    • fixed fprintf() was not thread-safe
    • fixed "worker.js" was generated as a separate file in SINGLE_FILE mode
    • fixed problem with sockets not being closed properly when close attempt was made on a thread shortly after it started
    • fixed compilation error in Tizen Sockets when -s MODULARIZE=1 is used
    • fixed runtime error in gethostbyname() when -s MODULARIZE=1 is used
    • fixed boundaries checking on getnameinfo()
    • fixed getaddrinfo() when called with null node and AI_NUMERICSERV flag on all platforms
    • enabled passing null node and service parameters to getaddrinfo() on platforms that supports it
  • Tizen WASM Player:

    • optimized number of data copies when playing encrypted content
    • added dedicated WASM Player error listener (ElementaryMediaStreamSourceListener::OnError())
    • added static methods for config validation to ElementaryMediaTrack, usable on platforms that support it
    • added missing error debug message in AddTrack when -s TIZEN_EMSS_DEBUG=1 is used
    • fixed memory leak when destroying MediaKey object
    • fixed memory leak that could happen in certain scenarios when removing HTMLMediaElement
    • fixed JS console error when detaching ElementaryMediaStreamSource from HTMLMediaElement
    • fixed ElementaryMediaStreamSource::GetRenderingMode() could return invalid result
    • updated docs with an expanded introduction and introduced some minor documentation fixes