Prelaunching Applications

This topic describes how to prelaunch an application. Prelaunching allows an application to launch more quickly by loading it in the background when the Samsung TV is switched on.

The prelaunching functionality allows several applications to load in the background when the Samsung TV is switched on. When the user runs a prelaunched application, it launches immediately with no loading time. The number of applications that can be prelaunched depends on the TV model and available runtime memory.

The following table lists the Samsung TV models that support prelaunching. It is not supported anymore since 2019 smart TV. Prelaunching is supported on the TV emulator.

Model Year Model Year
2018 Only for QTV
2017 Only for 17TV_PREMIUM
2016 16TV_STANDARD1 and higher
2015 All models 9000 and higher
Some models below 9000

Table 1. Samsung TV models supporting prelaunching

Prelaunching on 2016 ~ 2018 Models

From 2016 to 2018 models, prelaunching is enabled for applications by default. Applications on the left side of the Smart Hub launcher are prelaunched when the TV is switched on.

You can test application prelaunching by adding your application to the Smart Hub launcher:

  1. On the TV, open the "Smart Hub" and select the "Apps" panel.

  2. Highlight your application, click "Up" to select "Add to Home", and click "OK".

    Figure 1. Add application to launcher

  3. Move the application icon to the left side of the launcher using the arrow keys.

  4. Click "OK" to place the application.

    Figure 2. Place application on the launcher

  5. Reboot the TV.
    The applications on the left side of the launcher are prelaunched.

Prelaunching on 2015 Models

Prelaunching is disabled by default on 2015 models. To enable prelaunching for your application on a 2015 model, add the following line to the "config.xml" file:

 <tizen:metadata key='' value='true'></tizen:metadata>

If the application has been used recently, it prelaunches and appears in the launcher on TV startup.