Updating TV SDK

This topic describes how to update the Samsung TV SDK.

Related Info

The Samsung TV SDK is continuously updated with new features and bug fixes. You can update the SDK using the online repository or from an image file.

To update the Tizen Studio and its packages using the online repository:

  1. In the Tizen Studio, if you are connected to the Internet and updates are available for the SDK, in the bottom right corner, a "Tizen Studio update available" message appears.
    Figure 1. Tizen Studio update available

  2. Click "Tizen Studio update available".
    The Package Manager launches.

  3. Click "Updates available" to update all the packages you have installed.
    To ensure system integrity across all packages in the Tizen Studio, the Package Manager does not support updating packages individually.
    Figure 2. Package updates available

To update an extension package using an image file, follow the same steps as for installing the required extensions.

For more information, see Updating Tizen Studio.