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This topic describes how to test your Web application by running or debugging it on a TV or a target device.

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If you have tested your application on the emulator, it is ready for uploading and testing on a TV. Even though it is possible to complete most application testing on the emulator, it is highly recommended that you also test your application on a target device. The emulator and TV environments are very similar, but there are some differences at the hardware level.


To test your application on a TV:

  • Make sure that the TV has the latest firmware installed.
  • Connect your computer and the TV to the same network.
  • Create a certificate profile.

Connecting the TV and SDK

To connect the TV to the SDK as a remote device:

  1. Enable Developer Mode on the TV:

    • On the TV, open the "Smart Hub".
    • Select the "Apps" panel.
      Figure 1. Apps panel location
    • In the "Apps" panel, enter "12345" using the remote control or the on-screen number keypad.
      The developer mode configuration popup appears.
      Figure 2. Developer mode configuration
    • Switch "Developer mode" to "On".
    • Enter the IP address of the computer that you want to connect to the TV, and click "OK".
    • Reboot the TV.
      Figure 3. Reboot popup
      When you open the "Apps" panel after the reboot, "Develop Mode" is marked at the top of the screen.
      Figure 4. Developer mode enabled
  2. Connect the TV to the SDK:

    • In the Tizen Studio, select "Tools > Device Manager".
      The Device Manager launches.
      Figure 5. Device Manager
    • To add a TV, click "Remote Device Manager" and "+".
      Figure 6. Remote Device Manager
    • In the "Add Device" popup, define the information for the TV you want to connect to, such as the name, IP address, and port number, and click "Add".
      Figure 7. Add Device dialog
    • In the Device Manager window, select the TV from the list, and switch "Connection" to "On".
      Figure 8. Switch connection on
      Now you can launch applications on the TV directly from the Tizen Studio.

Launching Applications on the TV

You can launch your application on the target device in normal or debug mode:

  • To launch the application in normal mode, right-click the project in the "Project Explorer" view, and select "Run As" and a specific launch mode:

    • "Tizen Web Application": Run the application on the connected device.
    • "Tizen Web Unit Test Application": Run the application with unit tests.
  • To launch the application in debug mode, right-click the project in the "Project Explorer" view, and select "Debug As > Tizen Web Application".
    The Web Inspector runs automatically when you launch the application in debug mode. It is based on the WebKit Web Inspector, and has been modified to support remote debugging.
    Figure 9. Web Inspector


The following are common issues you can encounter when working with an application on the TV:

Error Codes or Message, Issue Description
"1009 : App uninstall fail" The application cannot be uninstalled through the Tizen Studio due to internal device problems. Uninstall the application from the "Apps" panel on the TV.
"1010 : App install fail" Application installation can fail for many reasons. A problem with the signing certificates is a common reason. Check your certificates and try again.
"1013 : App run fail" The application cannot be launched through the Tizen Studio due to internal device problems. Try to run the application again, or reboot the device.
"You are not an authorized user!" error and "Null Pointer" error (NPE) These error messages occur if you are using older versions of the device firmware or SDK. Make sure you are using the newest firmware and SDK versions.
"Failed to get a device information" message This message occurs only on 2015 devices, and has no effect on running the application. You can ignore the message.
On a macOS computer, the Tizen Studio freezes or hangs Update your Java Development Kit installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The previous version of the application will uninstall automatically when you install the new version.

For security reasons, installing applications or widgets through USB is no longer supported.

The Web engine of the Web simulator is different than that of the TV and the emulator. Therefore, application behavior can vary between Web simulator, TV, and emulator. Make sure you perform the final testing of your application on the emulator and TV.

Port 26101 is an internal device port. It cannot be opened separately.