WITs is a tool that can speed up and enhance your Tizen Web application development. Using WITs, when you test your application on the TV, you do not need to package and install the application each time you change the code. WITs enables you to edit the application's JavaScript and CSS code on your computer and instantly reload the application on the TV.

Live Reload Open Source Easy to Use

WITs is a development solution for TV Web applications. Whenever you modify your application code, WITs updates and instantly reloads your application on the TV.

WITs is an open source project hosted on GitHub. Anyone can use and contribute to the project.

WITs uses NodeJS and SDB, which are familiar to many application developers. Simplify your application development with WITs.

What's New

Supported Platforms

WITs is supported on 2017 and later model Samsung Smart TVs.

Open source

Hosted on Github

WITs source code and documentation are available on GitHub.

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Hosted on Npm

WITs is available to install on Npm.

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