Installing TV SDK

This topic describes how to install the Samsung TV SDK.

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The Samsung TV SDK is a set of tools for developing applications for Samsung TV, using Tizen. It consists of the following components:

To work with the Samsung TV SDK, you must install:

  • Tizen Studio IDE
  • Samsung TV Extensions
  • Samsung Certificate Extension


Before installing the Samsung TV SDK, make sure that your development computer fulfills the hardware and software requirements.

Installing Tizen Studio

To install the Tizen Studio IDE:

  1. Download and run the Tizen Studio installer.

  2. Accept the software license.
    The license contains important legal notices for using the Tizen Studio. Read it in full, and click "Accept" only if you agree with the license statement.
    Figure 1. Software license agreement

  3. Set the SDK and data location.
    The Tizen Studio and its data directory are installed in the location specified in the "Installation Settings" step. To change the directory, click the "..." button and specify a new directory. If the new directory is valid (no errors are shown), click "Install".
    Figure 2. Set SDK and data location

  4. Wait while the Tizen Studio is installed.
    Once you click Install, the installer installs the required packages and tools in the specified directory. You can monitor the installation process or cancel the installation. The installation process is completed in a few minutes, unless you cancel it.

  5. Install additional tools.
    After the installation is finished, launch the Package Manager by checking the "Launch the Package Manager" check box before clicking "Finish".
    Figure 3. Installation completed
    The Package Manager launches. If the Package Manager does not launch, run <install path>/package-manager/package-manager.exe.
    Figure 4. Package Manager

For more information, see Installing Tizen Studio.

Installing Required Extensions

You can install the required extensions using the online repository. If your firewall settings do not allow you to access the repository, you can also install the extensions from local images.

To install the extensions using the online repository:

  1. In the Package Manager, select the "Extension SDK" tab.
    Figure 5. Extension SDK tab

  2. Click "install" next to TV Extensions-<version> and "Samsung Certificate Extension".
    Figure 6. Required extensions

  3. Accept the software licenses.
    The licenses contain important legal notices. Read them in full, and click "Accept All" only if you agree with the license statements.

  4. Wait while the extensions are installed.
    Figure 7. Extensions installing

To install the extensions from local images:

  1. Download the following images:

  2. In the Package Manager, click "Configuration".
    Figure 8. Configuration button

  3. Unfold the Extension SDK configuration panel by clicking "Extension SDK" at the bottom of the dialog box.
    Figure 9. Unfold Extension SDK panel

  4. To add a local image, click "+".
    Figure 10. Add button

    The "Add Repository" dialog opens.

  5. Enter values to the "Name" and "Repository" fields.
    Enter the full path of the SDK image file in the "Repository" box, or click "..." next to the field to open the file browser and select the image file.

  6. Click "OK" to close the "Add Repository" dialog.
    Figure 11. Add Repository dialog
    When you select the image file in the repository list, the image's origin information is displayed.

  7. Click "OK" to confirm.
    Figure 12. Confirm added images

  8. Select the "Extension SDK" tab.

  9. Click "Install" next to the added extensions.

  10. Accept the software licenses.
    The licenses contain important legal notices. Read them in full, and click "Accept" only if you agree with the license statements.

  11. Wait while the extensions are installed.
    For more information, see Configuring the Package Manager.

Through the Tizen Studio Package Manager, you can also update the SDK tools or uninstall them.

Reference Videos

The following video shows how to install the Tizen Studio and the TV Extension SDK.