Creating Certificates

All applications must be signed with valid certificates before they can be installed or run. This topic describes how to create a certificate profile you can use to sign your applications.

According to the Tizen policy, all applications must be signed with valid certificates before they can be installed or run. The signature verifies the source of the application and makes sure it has not been tampered with since its publication. A certificate profile is a combination of the certificates used for signing, and it can be created using the Certificate Manager. The active certificate profile is used when packaging your application.


To create or import certificates, you need:

  • Samsung Certificate Extension
    For more information, see Installing Samsung TV SDK.
  • Samsung Developers Portal account
  • Device ID (DUID) for the target device on which you want to install your application

Creating a Certificate Profile

A certificate profile consists of an author certificate and 1 or more distributor certificates.

To create a certificate profile:

  1. In the Tizen Studio menu, select "Tools > Certificate Manager".
    Figure 1. Launch the Certificate Manager

  2. Click "Cancel" on "Migration for Certificate Profile" dialog.
    Figure 2. Migration for Certificate Profile

  3. Click "+".
    Figure 3. Create a new certificate profile
    The certificate profile creation wizard opens.

  4. Click "Samsung".
    Figure 4. Select certificate profile type

  5. Select "TV", and click "Next".
    Figure 5. Select device type

  6. Enter a name for the certificate profile, and click "Next".
    Figure 6. Certificate profile name

  7. Add an author certificate.

    • To create a new author certificate:
      You can create a new author certificate or import an existing one.

      1. Select "Create a new author certificate" and click "Next".
        Figure 7. Create new author certificate
      2. Enter the required information, and click "Next".
        Figure 8. Define author information
      3. Sign in with your Samsung Developer account.
        Figure 9. Samsung Developer account sign-in
      4. Define a backup path for your certificate file, and click "Next".
        Figure 10. Define backup path

    • To import an existing author certificate:
      If you already have an author certificate ("author.p12" file), you can import it.

      1. Select "Select an existing author certificate", and click "Next".
        Figure 11. Import existing author certificate
      2. Define the existing certificate, and click "Next".
        Figure 12. Define existing author certificate
  8. Add a distributor certificate:

    1. Select "Create a new distributor certificate" and click "Next".
      Figure 13. Create new distributor certificate
    2. Define the privilege level you need, and add the device ID (DUID) for the target device. You can enter the DUID manually, or by clicking "+" next to the connected device in the list.
      Figure 14. Define privilege and device ID

  9. To close the certificate profile creation wizard, click "Finish".
    Figure 15. Distributor certificate created

To allow installing your applications on the device, launch the Tizen Studio Device Manager, right-click a folder in the connected device file system, and select "Permit to install applications".

Figure 16. Permit installing applications