Bridged Network Configuration

The Tizen Studio TV SDK supports bridged networking. You can connect an emulator to a network through a host computer, so that it has its own IP address.

Bridged networking connects an emulator to a network using the host computer's Ethernet adapter. Using bridged networking, the emulator has its own independent IP address, so you can test applications which use technologies, such as "Smart View" or "AllShare", to communicate with mobile devices.

Bridged networking is configured in the emulator properties. You can access the emulator properties in 2 ways:

  • While creating a new emulator
  • By editing an existing emulator

    In the Emulator Manager, select the emulator, and click "Edit".

To configure an emulator to use a bridged network:

  1. In the "Network" tab, select "Bridge" from the "Connect Type" drop-down menu.

    Figure 1. Select connection type

  2. Create a tap device by clicking the "Create tap" button (). In the popup window, select the host network from the drop-down menu and click "OK".

    Figure 2. Create tap device

    The tap device drivers are installed and bridged networking is configured automatically for the host computer network. Click "OK".

    Figure 3. Tap device created

  3. On Windows®, you must set the host IP address manually:

    1. When a popup window appears stating that the host IP address cannot be found, click "OK".

      Figure 4. Host IP address popup
    2. Make sure that the connection has been created. Go to "Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network Connection".

      If you can see the name of the access point in the "Network Bridge" item, the connection was successful.

      Figure 5. Connected network bridge
    3. Retrieve the IP address of the network bridge. At the Windows® command prompt, enter ipconfig, and find the IP address in the "Ethernet adapter Network Bridge" entry.

      Figure 6. Network bridge IP address
    4. In the Emulator Manager, enter the host IP address, and click "OK".

      Figure 7. Host IP address