Smart Hospitality Display Introduction


This document introduces the Samsung Smart Hospitality Display devices since Tizen 6.5 and its new platform, Tizen Enterprise Platform.

As the needs of the hospitality display partners have evolved and more businesses begin to use hotel TV, there has been a surge in the variety of display device offerings available to them. Over time, multiple solutions were introduced, but they still did not completely address the core need for lightweight and simple media players.

Samsung wants to advance Tizen’s capabilities into a broader area as a solution for the enterprise business community, especially for the hospitality service business. Samsung continues to improve the business opportunities based on Tizen by providing a diverse range of features that are catered specifically for business uses.

Samsung has developed and produced Smart TVs based on Tizen since 2015. From 2022 onwards, with Tizen 6.5, Samsung provides Smart Hospitality Display devices with the newly adopted Smart TV platform. This platform, known as the Tizen Enterprise Platform, provides additional features and extensions from Tizen for Smart TVs, and simplifies everything such that users just need to establish an internet connection to begin playing digital content from the content server.

Tizen Business Manager Portal

Samsung envisions the Tizen Business Manager Portal to be the starting point for businesses using Tizen Enterprise, providing all the tools for a simple yet powerful experience.

The Tizen Business Manager Portal functions as follows:

  • After registering and customizing your account and devices, you can manage multiple devices to maximize your work efficiency.
  • You can also monitor and control 24 hours by 7 days via your connected device.
  • You can collect valuable data and business insights about the display device usage.

With a single profile, you can efficiently manage multiple devices and become your very own display device specialist.

Install your product and start your business immediately without seeking professional help. The Zero-Touch Configuration feature allows you to accelerate your business. The Tizen Enterprise Platform will continue to support you as you grow your business.

For more information, visit the Tizen Business Manager Portal.

Enterprise Level Security by Tizen

Our verified security solutions are designed to protect your business from start to finish. Your products and content are delivered more securely to the user, and your business data is also received more securely.

The Tizen Enterprise Platform will have your back every step of the way with these tight-knit security features, so that you can focus on the important task of growing your business.

Tizen API and Samsung Product API

Samsung is continuously innovating display solutions for the customer's convenience. An essential part of growing your business is to deliver the right content, that is unique to your business, to your customers. This may require the use of applications and in many cases, functionality beyond what’s typically available on consumer TVs. Samsung provides a set of special features and APIs for your hospitality business application needs by expanding the Tizen API.

Tizen APIs for Business are the driving force behind these innovations. These APIs are required to cater to the custom needs of the unique use-case scenarios, important for the Enterprise customers. Different verticals have different preferences with respect to graphics, resolution, and multi-input sources.

Tizen APIs for Business serves all these requirements. Samsung keeps expanding our own Tizen APIs, Samsung Product APIs beyond Tizen API. You can develop your own solution using the Tizen API and its extended Samsung Product API.

The following references are available for Samsung Smart Hospitality Display devices.

  • Tizen Web Device API
    The Tizen Web Device APIs can be used on any device that supports Tizen.

  • Samsung Product API
    The Samsung Product API enables you to access features that are specific to Samsung TVs and Samsung display devices. It helps you to extend the capabilities of your application or solution beyond those provided by the Tizen Web Device API. Additionally, Samsung provides the Enterprise partners with additional Samsung Product APIs to let them cater to the custom needs of the Enterprise customers.

  • W3C/HTML5 API References
    Samsung devices support various W3C and HTML5 features. You can use graphics, media, and storage features, as well as manage communication and security. These features also enable you to create an application UI using HTML and CSS.

Samsung Apps TV Seller Office

Samsung is leading the Smart TV market with Tizen. It provides a comprehensive and consumer-centric Smart TV experience. Also, Samsung owns and operates a TV application ecosystem which the Enterprise partners can utilize in their solutions through the Tizen Enterprise Platform. Samsung Hospitality business partners can register their solutions to avail of many smart features.

The following are the major features:

For more information, visit Samsung Apps TV Seller Office and read the portal guides here.

Getting Started

The detailed specifications and features are common with Smart TV's, according to the corresponding Tizen versions.

You can easily start from the Quick Start Guide.