Debugging Tools

This topic describes the debugging tools provided by the Tizen Studio.

Tizen Studio, the Samsung TV SDK IDE, provides tools to help you debug and test your applications on the emulator and target device.

JavaScript Log Console

The "JavaScript Log Console" view is a tool that helps you to debug the application through log analysis. You can use the tool with the JavaScript Console interface when developing Web applications. The "JavaScript Log Console" view is active only in the "Debug" launch mode.

You can use JavaScript console methods to show log information for your application in the "JavaScript Log Console" view.











Table 1. Supported JavaScript log methods

Figure 1. JavaScript log method colors

Code Beautifier and Minifier

The Code Beautifier is a tool that can help you understand code and make it easier to read.

The Code Minifier is a smart compression tool. Minification is the process of compressing code from the original size to the smallest size without affecting its operation.

For more information, see Cleaning Up Your Code.

Privilege Checker

The Privilege Checker tool allows you identify potential privilege violation problems in the application code. This check is performed automatically, and you can easily verify the source code in your project.

For more information, see Verifying Privilege Usage.