VS Code Extension

'Tizen TV' is an extension for Visual Studio Code (VS Code) that provides a lightweight IDE for developing Tizen TV applications. The extension supports most basic features needed for Tizen application development, such as creating applications with predefined templates, packaging and signing the application with a certificate profile, and launching applications on the TV Simulator, TV Emulator, or Tizen TV device for testing and debugging purposes.


The Tizen TV extension for VS Code includes the following features:

  • Tizen TV: Build Signed Package
    This builds a Tizen application package. The resulting package is located in the root directory of your workspace.

  • Tizen TV: Create Web Project
    This creates a Tizen Web application project from a template.

  • Tizen TV: Debug Application
    This enables you to debug your application with the Google Chrome Web Inspector.

  • Tizen TV: Launch Application
    This runs your application on a connected Tizen TV device, the TV Emulator, or the TV Simulator. To run the application on a Tizen TV device, you must enable developer mode on the device.

  • Tizen TV: Run Certificate Manager
    This enables you to create, retrieve, update, or delete signature profiles used to sign your applications.

  • Tizen TV: Wits Start (Install and Live reload) and Tizen TV: Wits Watch (Live reload)
    These enable you to change your application code and immediately see its effect on the application running on a connected Tizen TV. This feature is supported on 2017 and later Samsung TV models. For more information about WITs, go to the Samsung WITs GitHub repository.

Getting Started

To install the Tizen TV extension for VS Code:

  1. Download and install VS Code.
  2. Install the Tizen TV extension. You can do this in various ways:
    • In the VS Code Extensions Marketplace, search for "tizentv", and select "Install".
    • In the command line terminal, enter #code --install-extension tizensdk.tizentv.
  3. Start or reload VS Code.
  4. Configure the extension. In the VS Code settings, go to "User > Extensions" and define the following locations as applicable:
    • tizentv.simulatorLocation: Path to the TV Simulator executable on your computer
    • tizentv.chromeExecutable: Path to the Google Chrome executable on your computer
    • tizentv.targetDeviceAddress: IP address of the connected Tizen TV device
    • tizentv.hostPCAddress: IP address of your host computer

To use the Tizen TV extension features, in the VS Code command palette, enter > Tizen TV and select the feature from the list.