Common Q&A

These are common questions about using the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

Your Samsung Content Manager helps you manage various application development and distribution scenarios, such as permission to use partner-level privileges, removing application versions from distribution, and publishing an application in multiple countries or outside of the United States.

To request the contact information for your local Content Manager, create a "1:1 Q&A" ticket.

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To view statistics for your application, click the "Report > Samsung Smart TV Analytics " menu in the Seller Office and click the "Apps" menu from the provided site.

You can filter the usage statistics in various ways, such as by application name, region, TV model, and time period. You can also create charts or download the data as a spreadsheet.

For more information, see the Smart TV Analytics guide.

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The Samsung Apps TV store region is based on the specific TV model code. For example, if a TV is purchased in Brazil, it will show the Brazilian Samsung Apps TV store even when it is used outside Brazil.

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For business-related information, contact your local Samsung Content Manager.

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No. The Seller Office does not provide support by phone.

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