1:1 Q&A Process

This guide explains how to get support from Samsung through the 1:1 Q&A for TV application service.

Introduction of 1:1 Q&A

The TV Seller Office operates 1:1 Q&A to support a seller when there is a problem with application service or application management on Samsung Smart TV, or when you need technical support for TV application development.

1:1 Q&A is an interactive service. When a seller registers a question, Samsung will review and answer it, or if there is a problem with a specific application, Samsung can first ask the seller to create a 1:1 Q&A ticket.

Figure 1. 1:1 Q&A process

1:1 Q&A Status

The progress of 1:1 Q&A is classified as follows and is displayed in the Seller's '1:1 Q&A' list.

Q&A Status Description Sellers To Do
Ready to Submit

When you create a question and save it before submission, the question remains in this status. You can modify it freely. You need to submit your question to proceed. If you do not want to submit, you can delete it.

You have submitted a question, but Samsung has not initiated a review yet. You can add comments to submitted questions.
In Progress

Samsung is reviewing the question. You can add comments to questions being reviewed.

Your question has been answered. If the answer is not satisfactory, or you need to further discuss the answer, you can reopen the ticket by using the "Reopen" button. -

The 1:1 Q&A ticket that has already been answered is in progress again. You can add comments to the Q&A in progress again.
Notice from Admin

Samsung gives you a notice about your question or Samsung has created a 1:1 Q&A ticket to ask you a question. This status is similar to the 'Answered' status.

You need to check Samsung's question and answer it with a comment.
Waiting Firmware Update

Samsung will release a new firmware to resolve your question or report, and you need to wait for until the firmware is released to check if it is fixed. You will receive a final answer after the firmware is released. -

After submitting the question, the 1:1 Q&A process has been canceled. You can cancel the question for any reason. The option to drop a question is available at any status. -

Table 1. 1:1 Q&A status

Click either the "Save Draft" or "Submit" button after filling out your question.

If you click "Save Draft", a 1:1 Q&A ticket will be created in the status of 'Ready to Submit'. If you click "Submit", the ticket is immediately submitted to Samsung and enters the 'Submitted' status.

Questions in the 'Ready to Submit' status have not yet been submitted, so you can edit the question by clicking the "Edit" button or delete it by clicking the "Delete" button.

Once you have submitted your question, you cannot edit the original question, but can add comments.

Once your question has been answered and the status is 'Answered', you can no longer add comments.

If you are not satisfied with the answer or if you need further discussion on the answer, you can "Reopen" the question and proceed with the 1:1 Q&A again.

1:1 Q&A Activity History

Whenever a comment is added or a status change occurs by Samsung or the seller for a submitted question, it is recorded in the comment history of the 1:1 Q&A ticket, and classified into one of the following types.

Activity Type Description Who Can Add
Commented by

When either Samsung, the questioner, or another member in the questioner's group adds a comment, the comment history is logged. Questioner, Other members in group, Samsung
Answered by

When Samsung replies with the final answer for a question, the answering history is logged and the Q&A status is changed into 'Answered'.

Notice from Admin

When Samsung leaves a comment which you need to check, the activity is logged as "Notice from Admin". In this activity, the question status is changed into 'Notice from Admin' and you are supposed to leave a comment.

Expected date set by

When Samsung sets the expected date when they can resolve your issue, the activity is logged as "Expected date set by". Samsung
Status is changed to 'Waiting Firmware Update'

When Samsung changes the 1:1 Q&A ticket status into 'Waiting Firmware Update', the activity is logged.

Re-opened by

If you get the final answer from Samsung but something remains unclear, you can open the question again by clicking the "Reopen" button. Either Samsung, the questioner, or another member in the questioner's group can reopens the question. Questioner, Other members in group, Samsung
Dropped by

If any question is dropped, the activity history is logged and the question status is changed into 'Dropped'. Either Samsung, the questioner, or another member in the questioner's group can drops the question.

Questioner, Other members in group, Samsung

Table 2. Q&A activity history