Becoming Seller Office Members

This guide explains how to use the system by becoming a member of the TV Seller Office.

Introduction of Seller Office Membership

To use the TV Seller Office system, you must first sign up for a membership as a seller.

You can register and release applications through the TV Seller Office, and receive validation tests and feedback from the Samsung team. In addition, you can use a dedicated 1:1 Q&A for direct support from Samsung engineers.

You can sign up for and log in to Samsung Apps TV Seller Office with your Samsung Account. When you log in, if you are not already a member of the TV Seller Office, you are presented with a sign-up page.

If you do not have a Samsung Account, create a Samsung Account first.

The TV Seller Office offers two types of membership. When you sign up as a member of the TV Seller Office, you initially become a Public Seller and can later become a Partner Seller by requesting a partnership.

Public Seller

The Public Seller level refers to a general account, and when you sign up for a TV Seller Office membership, you begin at this level.

A Public Seller can use most of the features of the TV Seller Office, except for some Partner-specific features, and can launch TV application services only in the United States.

Partner Seller

A Public Seller can become a Partner Seller through an approval process by a Samsung Content Manager. First, you need to sign an offline contract with Samsung HQ or a local subsidiary, and then submit a partnership request through the TV Seller Office system.

If you become a Partner Seller with the approval of the Content Manager, you can launch TV application services in countries other than the U.S. as agreed in your offline contract, use certain APIs, and receive dedicated technical support for application development from the Samsung Engineering team.

For more information, refer to the Becoming Partners guide.

Sign Up with Samsung Account

On the first screen of the TV Seller Office, log in with your Samsung Account. If you are not already a member of the TV Seller Office upon login, you are presented with a sign-up page.

Figure 1. First screen of TV Seller Office

Figure 2. Join membership of TV Seller Office

On the TV Seller Office sign-up screen, you must fill in the subscriber's email address, country, and time zone information.

Input Field Description Mandatory Updatable

Name is registered when creating a Samsung Account and cannot be modified. Yes No

This is the Email ID of the Samsung Account and cannot be modified. Yes No

You can register a different email address from the Samsung Account Email ID. TV Seller Office sends news and notifications to this address. Yes Yes
Country or Region

Enter the location of your company. A Samsung Content Manager may be assigned to you based on your location. Yes Yes
Time Zone (GMT)

Time information is displayed according to this setting. Yes Yes

Table 1. TV Seller Office member information

After entering the information, review the TV Seller Office Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and check the check box to indicate your agreement.

Figure 3. Agree to Terms and Conditions of TV Seller Office

After agreeing, click "Confirm" and you become a member of the TV Seller Office and are taken to the main screen.