TV Application Publication Process

This guide explains how to publish applications through the TV Seller Office.

Introduction of TV Application Publication

You can distribute developed TV applications to Samsung Apps TV by registering them with the TV Seller Office.

Applications requested to be released through the TV Seller Office are reviewed and verified by the Samsung team before being published to Samsung Apps TV.

Figure 1. TV application publication process

Registration & Upgrade Processes

The process of registering a new application through the TV Seller Office is as follows.

  1. Generate application ID
  2. Upload application package
  3. Register application information
    Information to be registered includes the application image, application title and description by language, service information, service country, and application billing, feature, and test information.
  4. Distribute the application

First, create an application ID, upload the application package, and register the information required for the application service. When all the application information required for launching the service is registered, it becomes available for distribution on the TV App Store.

When uploading an application package, a basic pre-test is executed, which checks and detects the settings and applied functions within the application package, and notifies you if there is a problem.

In the process of requesting an application release, you select a TV model group where the application is offered and run, and comprehensive pre-tests for the entered application information and the selected model group are run this time. If there is any problem that prevents the application from being submitted, you will be notified.

The following steps need to be taken when updating the application version due to feature additions or defect fixes that have taken place since the application was previously released:

  1. Upload the updated application package
  2. Distribute the new version

Certification & Verification Processes

Samsung reviews and verifies the application requested for release and notifies you, the seller, of the result.

The application may be rejected during the review process, and if a flaw is found in the application during the verification process, it may not be released. In this case, you need to resolve the problem and resubmit the application.

After passing Samsung's verification test, the application service is launched in the Smart TV model group in the service country.

Application Status

The registration and service status of the application is classified into Under Registration, Ready, For Sale, Suspended, Terminated, etc., and is displayed in the list of "Applications" you have.

Under Registration

The application is being registered and has not been distributed yet.

At this stage, you can freely change all application information, and you can also delete the application.


The application service has been requested to be released and the service has not yet started.

Samsung conducts a review and verification test for the application that has been requested to be released, and you are notified of the result.

While the certification and verification processes are in progress, major application information such as service country, service category, application icon, and application title cannot be changed. They can be changed after the process is complete.

You cannot submit different versions of the application to a model group that is undergoing certification/verification processes, but you can request additional releases to other model groups that are not undergoing the processes.

For more information, see the Requesting New Release section of the Distributing Applications guide.

For Sale

The application has passed Samsung's certification and verification processes, and has been successfully released on Samsung Smart TV.

You can expand and distribute the application version in service to new TV model groups, and distribute upgraded versions to any model groups served by the application.

For more information, see the Requesting New Release section of the Distributing Applications guide.

Suspended and Terminated

The application service has been stopped in all TV model groups.

'Suspended' is a state in which the application service is paused and the application is not discoverable on the TV App Store, but users who have already installed it are still able to use it.

You can suspend and resume the service at any time when necessary.

For more information, refer to the Service Suspend and Restore from Suspended sections of the Changing Application Status guide.

'Terminated' means that the application service is completely shut down. Not only is the application not discoverable on the TV App Store, but it is also unavailable to users who have installed it.

If you request the termination of an application in service, Samsung may review the request and either accept or reject it.

For more information, refer to the Request of Service Termination section of the Changing Application Status guide.