Advanced Set up

1. Install the Tizen Studio

  • At first, download and install the Tizen Studio according to the instructions on the Tizen Developers site.

  • In the Package Manager of the Tizen Studio, install 2.3.1(or higher) Wearable, Samsung Certificate Extension, and Samsung Wearable Extension packages.

    Update Manager

    Update Manager

2. Prepare the devices.

To run and test your application on devices, a Gear and Android mobile device must be prepared:

  • The ‘Samsung Gear’ application is usually installed in the Android device by default. If not, you can get it from ‘Galaxy Apps’ or ‘Play Store’.

  • Install the sample apk package on the Android device.

Sample App | MyApplication_Android_Source_v1.1.zip3.67MB

3. Install Android Studio and the Samsung Accessory SDK.

For a simple test without the Android side development, you can use the sample apk package installed on the Android device, without installing Android Studio and the Samsung Accessory SDK.