Testing Your App on Galaxy Watch

Running on Device


Connect a Galaxy Watch device to a Host PC via Wi-Fi. A wireless access point is needed to connect a Galaxy Watch Device to a Host PC.


Host PC Set Up
  1. Connect the Host PC to the Wireless Access Point via UTP cable or Wi-Fi.

Galaxy Watch Device Set Up
  1. Turn on the Wi-Fi.

  2. Turn on debugging mode.

    Select Settings > Galaxy Watch Info > Debugging

  3. Reboot the device.

Connect a Galaxy Watch device to the Wireless Access Point via Wi-Fi

From the Wi-Fi menu of the Galaxy Watch device, find the Wireless Access Point and connect to it.

Once connected, find the IP address that the Galaxy Watch device had received from the Access Point via DHCP. This IP address will be used during the SDB connection.

You can get this IP address by checking the information of the access point of the currently connected Galaxy Watch device.

Now you are ready to connect the SDB in the IDE or command line.

Connecting via the IDE

Open the IDE and launch the Remote Device Manager.

Once the Remote Device Manager is open, it will start to scan for devices. Alternatively, click the scan button to scan again.

After scanning, you can find the list of devices that can connect. Select the Galaxy Watch device and click ‘Connect’.

The connected device will be displayed on the Connection Explorer.

Connecting via the SDB command line

Instead of using the IDE, you can connect via the SDB in the command line as well.
Open the terminal in the Host PC and use the following connect command.

    $ sdb connect [Galaxy Watch IP address]:26101

    $ sdb connect 

You can see the connected Galaxy Watch device by using SDB devices command.

    $ sdb devices
    List of devices attached      device       SM-R730A

After connecting, you can install apps or use the shell command line.

Installing the App

Open the terminal in the Host PC and use the following install command.

    $ sdb install [path_to_tpk]

    $ sdb install /home/tizen/org.example.test-1.0.0-arm.tpk 

Once the connection is completed, you can use the SDB command similar to the USB connected case.
Please refer to the link below for more details regarding SDB commands.

  • Confirm that the SDB version is 2.2.88 or later.

    $ sdb version
  • Try the kill-server command when a version warning message is shown.

    $ sdb kill-server
  • Turn off Bluetooth to reduce interference with Wi-Fi.

  • Move away from the charging dock to reduce interference with Wi-Fi.

Running on Remote Test Lab

Using the Remote Test Lab service, you can test your application on a real device. The Remote Test Lab service enables developers to access Samsung devices through the web and to install and test applications on the devices. This is not only the most effective and easiest way to test the compatibility of an application with Samsung devices but also the best way to cut down on hardware costs for test devices. Interaction with the device is performed over the network in real time allowing you to comprehensively test your application before distributing it.

The Remote Test Lab service is available to all users of the Samsung Developers Forum:

For more details, please refer to the following link:

![Samsung Developers Forum:](https://d3unf4s5rp9dfh.cloudfront.net/GlxyWatchDevelop_doc/Galaxy Watch Remote Lab.PNG)

How to enable Developer options

Developer can utilize additional features for app development and debugging by enabling Developer options on the Galaxy Watch device with Tizen version or higher.

  1. Go to Settings -> Galaxy Watch info -> About device.

  2. Tap on Software version 5 times. Then a confirmation pop up displayed once the Developer options is enabled.

  3. You can find the Developer options in the list of Settings menu.