Release Note

Sep 21, 2020


  • Release Version


  • Release Date

    Sep 21, 2020

  • Release Contents

    SDK Libraries Provides the Samsung Wearable Extension libraries.
    Documents API References For more information about Samsung Wearable Extension, see API Reference.

    Programming Guides The programming guide includes guide and tutorial. See the Help Contents menu in the SDK.

Change History

  • Tizen Wearable 5.5 support
  • Emulator support is deprecated (Target only)
  • Fix for wearable extension package installation error on latest Tizen Studio
  • Tizen Wearable 4.0 support
    • Extension features have been added to Wearable 4.0 emulator
  • Wearable 3.0 support

    • Extension features have been added to Wearable 3.0 emulator
  • Known Issues

    • The ‘key’ attribute of ‘SAAuthenticationToken’ contains garbage strings at the end in the emulator. So the authentication in the web app would be failed in the emulator.

    • Auto extension rpm installation would be failed in the Wearable 2.3.1 and 2.3.2 emulator with Tizen Studio

      1.3. This bug will be patched in the next Tizen Studio update.

      Extension rpm can be installed manually by following this step.

      • sdb -e root on

      • Go to Tizen Studio installed path on your PC.

        Ex)_ ~/tizen-studio/platforms/tizen-2.3.2/wearable/emulator-images/add-ons/sap

      • sdb -e push *.rpm /tmp

      • sdb -e shell “rpm -ivh /tmp/*.rpm --force”

  • MEX(Message Exchange) API added

  • IAP(Web) signature typo fixed in the document.

    • getPurchasedItemListByItemIds -> getPurchasedItemListByIds
  • In-App purchase consumer app for emulator is updated

  • Sap rpm installation failure in 2.3.1 emulator is fixed

  • New Features

    • Remote AppControl
    • In-App Purchase
  • Fixed secured data connection defect on SAP

  • Webwidget SAP is supported.

  • Initial version


  • Native

    • SAP (Samsung Accessory Protocol) – Support discovery of features (services)
      and enables the establishment of Accessory Service Connections
    • Remote AppControl - Interacting with remote application installed on the remote host device
    • In-App Purchase - Providing functions to purchase an item and get item list from Samsung Galaxy Apps.
  • Web

    • SAP (Samsung Accessory Protocol)

    • IrLED - Accessing device’s IrLED. (Gear 2 only)

    • Remote AppControl

    • In-App Purchase

    • Deprecated feature

      • Motion - Managing context data for wearable devices.
      • Sensor - Accessing device’s sensors.
      • Badge - Supporting application’s badge functionalities.