Run a native app

In case of a companion app, you can run the application on a target device only. In this tutorial, the application is run on target devices.

To package and run the application on a device, the author certificate and device profile certificate are required. For more information, see Getting the Certificates.

To run your Galaxy Watch application on a target device:

  1. Connect the target device to the computer running the Tizen Studio:

    a. In the device, switch on the Debugging mode in Settings > Gear info.

    gear info

    b. Switch on Wi-Fi in Settings > Connections, and note the IP address.

    (The device and the computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.)


    c. In the IDE, launch the Remote Device Manager by clicking the icon in the Connection Explorer view.


    d. In the Remote Device Manager window, click New.


    e. Enter the information about the device and the network, and click Add.


    f. Select the device and click Connect.


    g. In the device, click √ to confirm user agreement for debugging.


    h. In the IDE Connection Explorer view, confirm that the device is connected successfully.


    i. Register the device profile certificate to your device.


  2. Run the application:

    • In the Project Explorer view, right-click the project and select Run As > Tizen Native Application.

    • Alternatively, you can click Play in the toolbar or press the Ctrl + F11 key.

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