Managing Certificate Profile

General Information

In the menu bar, click Tizen Tools > Certificate Manager.

The Active profile is indicated by the check mark. All of the application in this Tizen Studio will be signed with this active profile. You can create, delete, and set a profile to active here.

Lower window shows the information of each certificate. You can replace the certificate with another existing one. The Tizen platform allows multiple distributor certificates up to 2 which supports other device manufacturers or telecommunication companies but it is not needed for most of developers generally.

Changing Only a Distributor Certificate in a Profile

There might be an instance where you need to register more devices or change the devices to the distributor certificate. However author certificates rarely needs to be changed. This section describes how to do it.

  1. In the menu bar, click Tizen Tools > Certificate Manager and do the same steps to create a certificate profile described in Creating Certificates before Step 2.

  2. Click Select an existing certificate profile and select a profile which you want to change the registered device then click Next.

  3. Click No to use the existing author certificate then it moves to Step 4-1 to register DUID.

  4. Next steps are same as guided in Create Certificate.

Importing Existing Certificates

If you already have both the author.p12 and distributor.p12 certificates and don’t need a new certificate from Samsung, you can just import and use them to sign your application. In that case, just create a new certificate profile and select existing certificates at each step.

  1. In the menu bar, click Tizen Tools > Certificate Manager and select Samsung.

  2. Select Device Type and click Next.

  3. Select Create a new certificate profile to create a new one and input a profile name and click Next.

  4. Select Select an existing author certificate at Step 3-1 and click Next.

  5. Browse and select your author.p12 file and enter the password then click Next.

  6. Click Select an existing distributor certificate and Browse and select your distributor.p12 file and enter the password then click Finish.

  7. Finally you can find the created profile in the list.