Always-on states

Always-on states are designed to display the time information with ultra-low power consumption. Galaxy Watch Studio automatically generates an Always-on version of your watch face.
Because the Always-on state is set as low power mode, there is restriction to represent the color. Samsung recommends a design that uses no more than 15% of the available pixels in always-on states. If your watch faces use significantly more than that, they will be rejected. If an Always-on version of your watch face is not created, a default version will be displayed.
For more detail on designing and developing Always-on states watch face, see Watch Face States

Step 1. Create an Always-on version automatically

Click the always-on state button to generate an Always-on version of your watch face automatically.

Click 1 Turn on always-on state.

Step 2. Change the design

Galaxy Watch Studio will initially generate your always-on state automatically. You can use this in the final product, or modify it if it’s not suitable.
You can also design your own always-on watch face with a limited number of features and functions.

Step 3. Switch back to active view

Once you’re happy with your Always-on watch face, continue with the rest of your design by switching back to active mode.