Conditional lines

Watch faces can be designed to change depending on certain conditions, such as the time, step count, and date, using conditional lines.


Morning – Afternoon - Evening

Step 1. Create layers
Create three background image layers.

Step 2. Create some time periods
Set time periods to control when each layer is displayed. First, select the starting frame, then the time range.

Drag 1-2 Drag from the start frame to the end frame.

Step 3. Hide layers

Right Click 3,4 Right-click the frame area, then click Hide.

Step 4. Show other layers
Show other layers in the same way.

Right Click 5 Right-click on the frame area.

Click 6 Select Show.

Step 5. Play
Press play to preview your changes.

Step count

Watch faces can change dynamically according to step count.

Changes according to the step goal

Create a watch face that changes according to the percentage of daily steps achieved.

Step 1. Change the condition
Add Steps to the conditional lines.

Step 2. Activate the layers
A layer will only change according to the step count from the moment it is activated.

Right Click 1 Right-click a frame area, then click Activate.

Step 3. Show or hide layers
Show or hide layers as illustrated in the previous example.

12-hour and 24-hour versions

Show different watch faces based on the setting chosen on the user’s phone.

Changes according to the time format set on the user’s phone

You can show different watch faces for the 12-hour and 24-hour versions.

Step 1. Prepare two digital clock components
Add two digital clock components: one 12-hour version and one 24-hour version. Place them in the same position.

Step 2. Change the condition
Add 12H/24H to the conditional lines.

Step 3. Active layers

Right Click 1 Right-click a frame area and select Activate. A layer changes the time format from the time it is activated.

Step 4. Show or hide layers
Only show the digital clock for 12-hour layer in the 12-hour format, and show the other layers in the 24-hour format.


Conditional lines let you show and hide components on a watch face and control their behavior. For example, you can change the background every second.

Changing the background every second

In this example, five background images are used and they are shown and hidden respectively, every second.

Step 1. Place five background images
Use five different background images

Step 2. Set the layers that you want to show and hide each second

Step 3. Repeat the cycle

Right Click 1 Right-click the frame area and select Loop.

Click 2 Set Loop for each layer.