Create a web app project

A Tizen wearable Web app project contains all the resources for your application.

To create a new wearable Web app project:

  1. Launch the Tizen Studio.

  2. Select File > New > Tizen Project..

    Alternatively, you can select File > New > Other... > Tizen > Tizen Project from Template


There are 2 types of projects you can choose from:

  • Template provides a list of templates with basic structure where developers can start their Web application project from.

  • Sample provides a list of sample apps demonstrating the usage of various APIs and UI design which developers can refer to.

  1. Select Template tab.


  2. Select Wearable and version.


  3. Select Web Application.


  4. Select Basic UI template.


  5. Click Finish.


For detailed information about the Project Wizard, see Project Wizard.

The Web project source files already contain the basic application functionality.

You can view the files by double-clicking on the title of the project in the Project Explorer:

  • css folder: contains .css files for styling the contents of the application.

  • js folder: contains .js files for handling the functionalities of the application.

  • config.xml file: contains configuration information for the platform to install and launch the application.

  • index.html file: contains the layout of the application screen.


Configuring the Application and Creating Code

You have various options to set the application configuration using the config.xml file and design the application UI.

The Tizen IDE provides a configuration editor for configuring the Web application.

To edit the config.xml file, open it by double-clicking the file in the Project Explorer.


  • In the Overview tab, you can define and edit general information, such as the name and the icon of the Web application.

  • In the Widget tab, you can define license information and UI preferences, such as the view modes of the Web application.

  • In the Features tab, you can declare required software and hardware features of the Web application. The declared information can be used for application filter in the Tizen market place.

  • In the Privileges tab, you can specify an API or API groups, accessed and used by the Web application.

  • In the Policy tab, you can request network resource permissions for the Web application when required to access external network resources.

  • In the Localization tab, you can provide localization support for name, description and license elements of the config.xml file.

  • In the Preferences tab, you can declare name-value pairs which can be set or retrieved through the Web application.

  • In the Tizen tab, you can edit the Tizen schema extension properties of the Web application.

  • In the Source tab, you can view and edit the code of the config.xml file. You can see how changes made on the other tabs are reflected in the XML code.