Permitting Device to Install Apps

For devices with distributor certificate that contains any DUID starting from 1.0#, you must permit your device to install applications. Assuming you registered 2 devices, the Gear S2 and Gear S in a distributor certificate. The Gear S2’s DUID is starting from 2.0# and Gear S’s DUID is starting from 1.0#. Then the certificate format is issued based on the 1.0# device internally. So both Gear S2 and Gear S should take this step before installing the application.

To give permission, right-click a device displayed in the Connection Explorer view and select Permit to install applications in Tizen Studio 1.3 or lower.

From Tizen Studio 2.0, right-click anywhere in the file explorer of the Device Manager and select Permit to install applications.

As a result of this step, a device-profile.xml, which is issued in your profile directory is pushed to the /home/developer directory of the device.

The Distributor certificate only with #2.0 devices does not have device-profile.xml so it does not need this step to push the xml file to device.