Get a Weather API Key

OpenWeatherMap’s free APIs are integrated with Galaxy Watch Studio (GWS) and allow you to display weather data from around the world. If you want to use weather APIs from another source in your watch design, you cannot create your design using GWS.

To use the weather components provided by GWS to display weather conditions, you must create an account with OpenWeather and then copy your API key to GWS. If you want to use additional OpenWeatherMap APIs not integrated with GWS (for example, APIs provided with a paid plan from OpenWeather), you must use Tizen Studio.

Here’s how to get access to weather information:

  1. Sign up for an account on https://home.openweathermap.org. You must read and comply with OpenWeather’s terms of service.

  2. Once you get confirmation that your account is active, log in.

  3. After you log in to your OpenWeather account, click the API keys tab and copy your API key.

  4. From Galaxy Watch Studio, click Edit > Preferences to open the Preferences window.

  5. Click on APIs and paste in your API key.

The Current location setting is only used by Galaxy Watch Studio. When the City data property of a weather component is set to Current City, during development, the location used for weather information is based on this Current location (in the Preview and Run windows). When your watch face is installed on a watch, the location used for weather information is the watch’s physical location.
  1. Click Activate and then OK.