Enhance your watch faces by adding a variety of information. Tapping on a complication lets users run apps directly from their watch face

Add complications

Step 1. Position the complication background
Decide where you want to position your complication.

Step 2. Decorate the complication
Add some hands and an index to the complication. In this example, the complication will show the battery level.

  1. Index: Go to Component > Index.
  2. Hands: Add some hands, then go to Properties > Sync to > Battery %. Set rotation to 1.

Step 3. Make an interactive complication
The complication now shows the current battery level. Next, let’s make this complication a button that can open the Battery app.

Step 4. Make the complication a button
The complication is now a button, and you can change its properties.

Click 1 Open the settings menu.

Click 2 Select Set as button.

Step 5. Edit the button properties
Once a component is set as a button, you will see two new tabs in Properties: Normal and Action. Normal controls a component’s properties when it is not being used. Action controls a component’s properties when it is tapped.

Step 6. Set Action behavior
Decide what you want your new button to do when it is tapped.
In this example, the Battery app will open.

Click 1 Show the list of apps from the drop-down menu.

Click 2 Select the app that you want to open when the button is tapped.

Step 7. Complication complete
Your complication is now complete.
It will show the current battery level. When tapped, the Battery app will open.

Step 8. Save as a custom complication
If you want to use this complication in another watch face, save it. Select all the components of the complication, right-click on it, then select Save As Complication. When prompted, enter a name for your complication and click OK. When you open another project or start a new one, from the component menu, go to Complications > Custom and select your custom complication to add to the project.

Delete custom complications

To delete a custom complication, on your PC, go to /Users/<user.name>/GearWatchDesigner/complication, locate the folder that matches the name of the custom complication to delete, delete the folder and all of its contents, and restart GWS in order to remove the name of the custom complication from the menu.