Create a Native App Project

A Tizen wearable native app project contains all the resources for your Tizen application.

To create a new wearable Native app project:

Launch the Tizen IDE.

  1. Select File > New > Tizen Project.

    Alternatively, you can select File > New > Other... > Tizen > Tizen Project from Template


There are 2 types of projects you can choose from:

  • Template provides a list of templates with basic structure where developers can start their Web application project from.

  • Sample provides a list of sample apps demonstrating the usage of various APIs and UI design which developers can refer to.

  1. Select Template tab.


  2. Select Wearable and version.


  3. Select Native Application


  4. Select Basic UI template


  5. Click Finish


Configuring the Application

To configure the application, modify the tizen-manifest.xml file.

The application manifest consists of application information, such as package, version, features, and privileges available for the application. To edit this file, open it with the Tizen manifest editor. Now use default configurations without modifying it.


Figure: Tizen manifest editor

You can edit application properties using the tabs of the manifest editor:

  • Overview: defining and editing general information, such as application package, version, author, and description

  • Features: declaring required software or hardware features used for application filtering in the application store

  • Privileges: assigning specific privileges

  • Localization: setting the supported locales, such as label, description, and icon

  • Advanced: defining advanced features of the application, such as metadata, data control, application control functionalities, account, and miscellaneous options

  • tizen-manifest.xml: editing the basic tizen-manifest.xml file document