iPhone Limitations for Galaxy Watch Apps

Jan 26, 2017

1. Companion applications are not supported for iPhone.

Companion app means that there is data communication between Galaxy Watch app and Phone app based on some protocol.
If the Galaxy Watch app uses any of the following APIs, then it is a Companion app.

  • Samsung Accessory Protocol (SAP)

  • In-App purchase

  • Remote App Control

Here is the list of all APIs that can be used in a companion app. When the Galaxy Watch is connected to iPhone, these APIs are not supported.

2. The connection between a Galaxy Watch and an iPhone is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which has a lower bandwidth than Android devices.

This restricts the communication channel between these devices in platform level. Hence, Audio/Video streaming apps, Map apps, etc. which require higher bandwidth may not work properly when Galaxy Watch is “connected” to iPhone.

However, when Galaxy Watch is in Stand-alone mode and connected directly to Wi-Fi or 3G (only on 3G supported Galaxy Watch device) or LTE (only on LTE supported Galaxy Watch device), these apps may work properly.