Tizen Extension SDK Guide

Sep 8, 2016

Introduction to Tizen Extension SDK

1. Certificate Extension

Certificate Extension makes it possible for application developers to run Tizen applications on the Samsung Galaxy Watch according to the certificate policy. Certificate Extension provides new IDE functionalities to request and register certificates.

To protect the Samsung Galaxy Watch devices from malware or viruses; Samsung supports an own code signing policy.

Code signing protects your application from modifications and ensures your ownership during the version upgrade process. It is used in combination with the device information to ensure that your signed application runs only on those devices which you specify. It also ensures that your application cannot be distributed by someone else even if your application package is leaked.

Getting the Certificate

2. Wearable Extension

This SDK contains the Samsung Extension API to provide advanced access to the Samsung device's platform capabilities including Samsung Accessory Protocol, Remote AppControl and In-App Purchase.

Release Note

How to Install Tizen Extension SDK

  1. Install Tizen Studio first.

    Guide: https://docs.tizen.org/application/tizen-studio/setup/install-sdk/

  2. Run the Tizen Studio Package Manager.

  3. In the 2.3.2 Wearable category, install items for Galaxy Watch application development.

    In the 2.3.2 Wearable category, install items for Galaxy Watch application development.

  4. In the Extension SDK tab, accept the License Agreement and install Samsung Certificate Extension and Samsung Wearable Extension.

    In the Extras category, accept the License Agreement and install Certificate Extension and Wearable Extension for 2.3.2.


  1. Programming Guide and API references of Wearable Extension are in the Help Contents.
    See Tizen Studio > Help > Help Contents.

  2. To build the native project using extension API, additional frameworks should be added.

    • A. Right click on your project, go to Properties > C/C++ Build > Tizen Settings.

    • B. Check samsung-sap and samsung-extension and click OK. From the version 1.2.0 Wearable Extension provides more native APIs like Remote AppControl and In-App Purchase.
      The samsung-extension is newly added for them. The samsung-sap is for the SAP API.