Creating Your First App

The flexibility of Tizen is not limited to mobile devices but extends to other devices, including the Gear. This can be translated to developing applications that can be built using a Native or a Web approach. Whether you are a serious developer or a hobbyist, C or HTML5, building a Tizen app can suit your programming style that can be implemented across platforms.

Gear Applications

Build your First Gear app Web | Native

Follow these contents enabling you to get to know the Gear Application Development. Create a HelloWorld sample application to see what Tizen can offer.

Create your Native Watch Face

The watch face is the main screen that the user will see every time they interact with the Gear. This guide is focused on Native development, though, designing the Watch Face can be either be done Native or by Web manually.

Build Widget Board Web | Native

Widgets act as display relevant information and actions that are shortcuts to the actual applications. These can be applied onto the Gear applications. Widgets for Gear are perfect for host applications that can be easily accessed.

Build your First Companion type application Web | Native

Companion type applications mean an application model which needs data communication or interaction between an Android mobile application and a Gear application. The communication protocol between the Gear and mobile applications is called SAP (Samsung Accessory Protocol).

Figure 1 :Architecture of the Host and Gear Device
Figure 1 :Architecture of the Host and Gear Device

Web VS. Native

  • Web Application is essentially a Web site stored on your device and built using Web-native languages, such as HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript. The Web application uses the Tizen Web Framework to interact with the native subsystems.

  • Native Application is developed using C and can access more advanced device-specific features, such as sensors in addition to more advanced system settings and functionality.

The following figure illustrates the Tizen architecture model supporting the 2 application types.

Tizen architecture
Tizen architecture


Build your First Gear app
Web application Native application
Create your Watch Face

The Gear Watch Designer is a new tool that would assist anyone(Amateur or Expert) to create designs that would appeal to both developer and the user. For more information on designing and using the Gear Watch Designer, go to this link.

Build Native Widget Board

This guide includes the basic framework of creating a widget for the Gear. The design guidelines can be found at the Widget Board.

Build your First Companion type application
Web application Native application