Idea Sketch

[Samsung GALAXY] Sep 5, 2013


Idea Sketch allows you to search for and download clips and draw your own sketches. To search for images of movements, emotions or things, write a related keyword. Select a clip and download the drawing without the background. Use the downloaded clips or draw a sketch or both to create a note for the sketch. Your sketch is now more expressive when combined with the downloaded images.

[Figure 1] Idea Sketch

[Figure 1] Idea Sketch


Idea Sketch provides the following features:

  • searching for Idea Sketch clips on the device or on the server
  • downloading clips
  • drawing sketches

Tips for Developers

To use Idea Sketch in your application:

1. Link the application explicitly with intents as shown below.
2. Add the following permission to your Android manifest file.
<uses-permission android:name=""/>
3. To use the selected image (or clip) in your application, set the clip file path (selected in Idea
    Sketch) to a URI. Access the file using the URI.
Intent intent = new Intent();
getActivity().setResult(IdeaSketchActivity.RESULT_OK, intent);
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