What’s New ENKRCN

Here’s a quick look at the new features in Galaxy Watch Designer.


Galaxy Watch Designer

Galaxy Watch Designer

With the launch of the new Galaxy Watch, the Gear Watch Designer has been renamed Galaxy Watch Designer.

GWD optimized for Mac.

The GWD Mac OS UX has been enhanced. Try the GWD optimized for Mac.
Download GWD for Mac.

Tag expression

With Tag expression, you can create various effects on your watch faces. Tag expression allows you greater freedom to make unique and desirable watch faces.
For more details, see the Tag expression section.

Runtime permission

The Galaxy Watch Designer supports runtime permission to protect users’ personal data. Set the API version to Tizen 4.0 and build the .tpk file, which automatically generates the runtime permission feature.
For more details, click here

Change watch face Preview image

You can change the preview image of your watch face. Set the watch image that shows the time and data you want as your preview image.


Enhanced Gyro sensor

Enhanced Gyro sensor

You can now monitor the X and Y axes independently to apply realistic 3D effects and make watch face that react to movement.
For more details, see the Gyro tutorial.

Uninstall watch faces from Galaxy Watch Designer

Uninstall watch faces from Galaxy Watch Designer

You can now uninstall watch faces from watches using the Galaxy Watch Designer. This helps you easily manage your watch faces while testing. To uninstall a watch face, go to Project > Uninstall > Connected watch > Uninstall watch face.


Manual Language Control

The new Galaxy Watch Designer lets you manually select the languages that your watch face supports in each country. You can also select the default language to show when the user’s language isn’t supported.

Easy Distance Units

Now you don’t need to make multiple versions of your watch face to show the user’s preferred distance units (km/miles). A simple conditional line lets you automatically set the units based on the user’s Samsung Health settings.
For more details, see the Conditional lines section.

New animation options

New animation options

Animate your watch face easily using the new Repeat options (On-next-second, On-next-minute, On-next-hour) or set time intervals between your animations.


New models supported

The Galaxy Watch Designer now supports both of the newest watch models.

Detailed data

Add cipher (left-pads) and set the number of decimal places for accuracy and aesthetics. Now your can make show the numbers down to the tenth or even hundredth. (Precision)

Enhanced conditional lines

Now you can loop conditional lines. For example, you can make a show/hide pattern on conditional lines and let it repeat continuously. You can also easily rename layers just by double clicking the name field.
For more details, see the Conditional lines section.

12-hour and 24-hour modes

Now you don’t need to make separate 12-hour and 24-hour watch faces. Conditional lines can be used to show or hide the 12 or 24-hour versions based on the time mode on the phone.
For more details, see the Conditional lines section.


High color always-on states & Enhanced animation features

Connect to the Galaxy Watch Designer through a phone

Just connect your watch to a phone, then connect the phone to a computer through a USB to test your watch face on an actual watch.

Show weather info on your watch face

Show information such as the current temperature, weather, humidity, and more on your watch face. All weather info is provided by OpenWeatherMap. .


Set your preferences to quickly manage basic settings in the Galaxy Watch Designer. You can even enter API keys for certain services to integrate them in your design.


Let users try before they buy

Give users a chance to try out your watch face for free before they buy it. This will attract more potential customers and help you get valuable feedback on your design.

Make your watch face more dynamic

Bring your watch face to life by applying Gyro effects and see how components resize, opacity, rotate, and move around the screen as the watch tilts.


Password security

Protect your project files by locking them with a password. If a project file is created as a locked file, it can’t be changed to a non-locked file.

Group layers

Group your layers to keep them organized and uncluttered. You can still select an individual layer within a group to work on.

Enhanced always-on features

Always-on watch faces can now display all kinds of data, Including the time, battery level, and steps taken. The new Analyzer feature checks the current on pixel ratio of your design to ensure that it will display correctly on the watch face.

Import PSD files

Drag and drop PSD files to Galaxy Watch Designer, and you’ll see the same folder structure that you would if you were working in Adobe Photoshop.


High color always-on states

Always-on states can now use any amount of color to match their active counterparts more closely.

Enhanced animation features

New editing tools mean PNG sequences can now be put together in a number of different ways, so you'll also be able to make objects dance and move across your watch face.