Galaxy Store Review Broadcast

The Galaxy Store review broadcast allows a customer to rate and review your app without leaving the app itself.

In order to use the Galaxy Store review broadcast, you must check the version of Galaxy Store and verify that the customer is eligible to rate and review your app before requesting a review.

  1. Check the version of Galaxy Store. Galaxy Store review broadcast is supported on Galaxy Store version or higher. Use the code below:

    ApplicationInfo ai = 
    int inappReviewVersion = ai.metaData.getInt("", 0);
    if (inappReviewVersion > 0){
       // if inappReviewVersion is larger than zero, Galaxy Store supports in-app review function
    } else {
       // else, Galaxy Store does not support in-app review function
  2. Before the customer can rate and review your app, verify that the customer meets the following conditions:

    • Logged in to their Samsung account
    • Downloaded or updated your app from Galaxy Store
    • Did not rate your app within the last year

    Use the following code:


    // 1. Check your review authority by Galaxy Store package
    Intent intent = new Intent("");
    intent.putExtra("callerPackage", targetPackage);  // targetPacakge : your package name


    // 2. Get result of authority checking from Galaxy Store package
    IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter();
    authorityReceiver = new BroadcastReceiver() {
       public void onReceive(Context context, Intent intent) {
          // If true, you have authority to write review
          boolean hasAuthority = intent.getBooleanExtra("hasAuthority", false);
          // By using deeplinkUrlForReview, you can open review activity of Galaxy Store
          String deeplinkUri = intent.getStringExtra("deeplinkUri");
  3. If the customer satisfies the conditions in steps 1 and 2, request a review prompt. Use the following code:

    Intent intent = new Intent();
    intent.setData(Uri.parse(deeplinkUri));    // deeplinkUri, included in response intent

Broadcast intent details

Extra Key Type Description Response
hasAuthority Boolean The user is authorized to rate and review the app. True: The user is able to rate the app.
False: The user is not able to rate the app.

isRegistered Boolean A rating/review history exists for the user for the app. True: The user has already reviewed this app.
False: The user has not reviewed this app.

currentScore Int The previous rating, based on five stars. The value is equal to half a star (for example, a value of 2 is equal to a one-star rating).

The response is null if the user has not reviewed this app.

Half star rating value (1 ‑ 10)
registeredDate Date Review Date (GMT)

The response is null if the user has not reviewed this app.

Year, Month, Day
deeplinkUri String URI that links to the Rating and Review screen. URI
errorCode Int Error code when an error occurs. See errorCodes for more information.


Error Code Description
0 No error. Normal Status.
1000 A mandatory parameter to check user status is not available.
2000 Server error.
4002 Content is not available in Galaxy Store for the user.
5000 The user is not logged in to a Samsung Account on the device.
100015 Repeated request for authorization happens within 10 seconds.

Download the sample code

Download the sample code shown on this page.

Download: In-App review sample code
(Version 1.0)