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Galaxy Watch Self-Check List

This checklist includes the most frequent reasons that Galaxy Watch apps fail review processing and are not published in Galaxy Store. Please review the checklist and ensure your apps meet the requirements before you register and upload your app in Samsung Seller Portal.

Minimum OS version must be correct

If the minimum OS version is not correct, it may be rejected during the review processing.

If the minimum OS version of your Galaxy Watch app is higher than (the latest version that supports Gear S2 devices), then deselect all Gear S2 devices listed as distribution devices in Seller Portal.

Check the Minimum OS version that supports the API being used

If the API is not allowed in the API Reference, a review may be rejected. For more details, see https://docs.tizen.org/application/native/api/wearable/5.5/index.html.

Apps must not infringe on intellectual property rights

Ensure your app content and app registration information (including titles, descriptions, tags, and images) does not violate the intellectual property rights of others (such as, brand names, logos, trademarks, service marks, and copyrights).

Infringement can occur if app content or information is similar to or suggestive of protected property. If you have the right to use intellectual property rights, attach the relevant documents when registering the app in Samsung Seller Portal. For more details, see http://developer.samsung.com/galaxy-store/ip-infringement.html.

Text must be properly displayed for all supported languages

For each language supported by your app, including 2-byte languages (such as, Korean, Chinese, and Arabic):

      • Check that the language is listed in the app registration Supported Languages* field.

      • Check that app text is correctly displayed after selecting a supported language on the mobile device.

Registered icons and screenshots are displayed in the app

Check that each icon and screenshot image registered to the app in Seller Portal is displayed properly on the mobile device.

App content is appropriate for the local cultures of all distribution countries

Consider whether sensitive app content (such as, alcohol and tobacco use, gambling, and bodily exposure) meets the social norms of the countries that your app will be available for purchase and/or download.

If content does not meet some norms (for example, sleeveless shirts, shorts, and sportswear with exposed limbs), consider removing distribution countries or changing app content.

If your Galaxy Watch app works with a host app that runs on a mobile device, your Galaxy Watch app must provide users with a link to the mobile device app’s download page in other app stores, in addition to Samsung’s Galaxy Store, where users can purchase and/or download the host app on their mobile device.

If you specify the host app link in the companion app's config.xml or tizen-manifest.xml, host app installation will be checked when the companion app is installed. If the host app is not installed, the wearable device user will be prompted to install the host app. For more details, see https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy-watch-develop/creating-your-first-app/web-companion/configuration.html

Year changes must be properly displayed or used

If your Galaxy Watch app displays or uses year data, check that year changes—both forward and backward—are correctly displayed or used in calculations.

For example:

      • Set the date and time to December 31 at 23:59, and ensure that in one minute the app displays the next year.

      • Set the date to any previous year, and ensure that all calculations are based on the previous year.

Shortcut features must work properly

If your Galaxy Watch app implements shortcuts to display information (such as alarms, schedules, weather), check that the shortcuts work as designed.

Your app title and description must be in a proper language

If your app is distributed to two or more countries:

      • The default language for app registration must be English, and your app title and description must be in English.

      • Optionally, you can also enter app registration information (including app title and description) in any of the supported languages.

If your app is distributed to only one country:

      • The default registration language and registration information can be the most suitable, supported language (including English).

      • Optionally, you can also add app registration language tabs, and enter app registration information in any of the supported languages.

To make App Information entries in a language other than the default language in Seller Portal, click Advanced, click + Add, select one or more languages, click Save, click Select Language > [Alternate language], and enter the information.