Galaxy Store Review Link

A Galaxy Store review link is a screen with a link that opens the app’s review page in Galaxy Store.

In your app, you can prompt the customer for feedback by directing them to the app review page using the Galaxy Store review link. For example, you could display an app review pop-up that includes the Galaxy Store review link.

  1. Design and implement the pop-up that is used in your app. Learn more about the best practices you can use to increase the chances of getting a response from a customer.

If you are submitting your app to more than one app store, Samsung recommends that you use a unique package name with the same version code for each app store (see Recommendations to bring your game to Galaxy Store for more information).

If you have already submitted your APK to each app store using the same package name, you can verify the app store used by the version number (if each APK uses a unique version number among app stores) or using the store information from the package installer on the device.

  1. In the pop-up, include the Galaxy Store review link. Use one of the following formats:

    • URL:<App Package Name>
    • URI: samsungapps://AppRating/<App Package Name>