Recommendations to bring your game to Galaxy Store

When you are submitting a game or app to more than one app store, you need to keep track of the package name you use in your APK for each app store and, if you have in-app purchases, the billing solution used.

The following recommendations are provided to help you submit your game or app in Galaxy Store when the same app is available in another app store and how to use different billing solutions for in-app purchases (when necessary).

Unique package name

We recommend using a unique package name with the same version code for each APK submitted to each app store, especially if you are submitting an app to Galaxy Store for the first time and plan to or have already submitted the same app to another app store. This allows you to maintain the same version number for your app among each of the app stores and prevents your app in Galaxy Store from being overwritten with a version meant for another app store.

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Different billing solutions

If the application or game has an in-app purchase and uses a different in-app billing solution for each app store (for example, Samsung In-App Purchase [IAP] or Google Billing), then you can:

  • Include all billing solutions in the different versions of the APK and, during runtime, decide which solution to trigger according to the store source and/or version.


  • Include only one billing solution in each specific version of the APK. For example, use Samsung IAP in the version of the APK submitted to Galaxy Store and another billing system in the APKs that are submitted to other stores.