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Register for a Seller Portal account

To sign up for Seller Portal, click the Sign Up Now button at the middle right of the homepage, and create a Seller Portal account. To provide a mobile or Galaxy Watch app service on Galaxy Store, start the sign-up process. If you already have a Samsung account, log in with your Samsung account ID on the first page of the sign-up process or the gate page in order to complete your Seller Portal sign-up.

1. Terms and Conditions Agreement

To sign up for Galaxy Store Seller Portal, you need to agree to Seller Portal's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

2. Select Type of Member

Select the type of member according to your private seller/business status. Depending on your selection, details of the sign-up fields to complete and the commercial seller request may vary.

3. Basic Information

To sign up for Galaxy Store Seller Portal, you need to complete all required fields (marked with * ) in English.

4. Temporary Registration

After entering basic information for Seller Portal sign-up, you will receive a confirmation email at the address you entered. In the email, click the sign-up completion link to go to the sign-up verification page. To complete your Seller Portal sign-up, you need to log in with the email address and password you entered in the sign-up stage. Until then, your sign-up is temporary.

5. Sign-up Completion

  1. Once your Seller Portal sign-up is complete, you can register your applications.
  2. If you want to charge for your applications, you need to make a request to change your seller type to a commercial seller. For details on how to make this request, refer to the Commercial Seller Request Guide in Seller Portal.
  3. If you created your Samsung account using a Phone Number ID, log into Seller Portal with the Phone Number ID, and create an Email ID when entering your basic information on the sign-up page. If you created your Samsung account using both a Phone Number ID and an Email ID, log in with the Phone Number ID or the Email ID, and complete the sign-up steps.

Explore Seller Portal

The Seller Portal site supports those who want to sell their apps on Galaxy Store, so that they can easily register, manage, and promote their apps, as well as see statistics and payment details.

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Register a Galaxy Watch App

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App New Application

To register a Galaxy Watch app, select the Samsung Galaxy Watch icon on the right.

Enter App Information

This menu allows you to enter basic information such as application title, descriptions, tags, icon, screenshots, categories, and age rating. (Icon: 512 X 512 pixels, PNG format, less than 1,024kb / Cover Image : 1024 X 500 pixels, JPG/PNG formats, less than 1,024kb / Screenshots: a minimum of 320 pixels and a maximum of 3,840 pixels, JPG/PNG formats, 2:1 ratio, 4 to 8 images)

You can select Galaxy Watch categories. Please select a category that is suitable for the application. When registering the application in the Watch faces category, all binaries must support the Watch face feature. Select "Watch faces" as a main category for a Watch face application, and select subcategories smanually in the App Information menu. For more details, see Galaxy Watch Studio.

Register Binaries

  • The Galaxy Watch app type is set based on the criteria of uploaded binaries (Standalone, Companion). After registering apps, you can change their app type between Standalone and Companion (Wearable) binaries. However, all registered binaries must have the same the Galaxy Watch app type. In order to register a Companion (Wearable) Galaxy Watch app, you must meet one of the following three scenarios:

    • There is Deeplink extraction information.
    • The IAP feature is used (billing privilege is used).
    • Remote AppControl API and SAP API are used (accessory privilege is used).
  • Select one or more resolutions that are appropriate for the devices you are targeting, and then upload your binary.

  • You can modify the list of devices selected by clicking the Selected Device(s) button. Selectable devices will be listed as a combination of Mobile device and Galaxy Watch device such as Galaxy S6-Gear S2

  • Changing the Galaxy Watch App Type or Price of a Galaxy Watch application will change the Device Recommendation Information.

Set Country & Price

Set the price of the app you wish to sell. If you are registered solely as a free application seller, you can only provide your apps for free. To sell your apps for a fee, click the Go button at the bottom of the screen and submit a request to change your status to commercial seller.

※ Application for Commercial Seller Status Full Process Guide View >

Use the Switch to Advanced Mode button at the top right in the same menu to select the countries in which you want to provide your app.


Before your app can be made available to the public, you must submit a Review request to the Review team. When submitting your request, you may also leave a message for the reviewer.

Find application management, promotion management, statistics, and other information in this guide.

Invoking a details page of a Galaxy Watch application

You can make an URI for invoking a Details page of an app and link it on your Web page. Below is the format and an example of the URI.{appId of the your Galaxy Watch application} 
 ex) In case of the package name of the Galaxy Watch sample application, 
 <a href=""> 
 A details page of a Galaxy Watch application </a>