Mandatory Features for Quality

The following table lists the essential application features that are checked before the application can be published on Samsung Apps TV.

Category Feature Related Info
General The application must function without errors, crashing, freezing, or unintended functionality.
The "Return" key policy must be followed.
Account Uninstalling the application must delete all application data from the TV, including user data, such as account information. -
Connection When the network is disconnected, a notification popup must be shown to the user to inform them of the network status.
Media playback Playback-related features must be functional.
The screensaver must not appear during video playback.
If available, subtitles must be synchronized with the media.
Multitasking The application must implement multitasking.
Performance The application must take at most 10 seconds to launch, from clicking the application icon to displaying its first page. A 5-second launch time is ideal.
Privileges Privileges required for security-sensitive APIs must be declared in the "config.xml" file.

Table 1. Mandatory features