VSCode Extension


'TizenTV' is a VS Code extension that provides a lightweight IDE for Tizen application developers, helps to generate, update and package an application, also run and debug an application on Tizen targets.

Supported features

  • Tizen TV: Build Signed Package

    Build the Tizen application into a Tizen package, the package will be located in workspace's root
  • Tizen TV: Create Web Project

    Create a Tizen web application based on templates
  • Tizen TV: Debug Application

    Use google-chrome to debug with web inspector, please configure the chrome executable's path in user setting
  • Tizen TV: Launch Application

    Launch Tizen application on tizen TV, TV Emulator or TV Simulator, please configure the target address in user setting, also set TV as developer mode
  • Tizen TV: Run Certificate Manager

    Create/Retrieve/Update/Delete an author's profile by tizentv
  • Tizen TV: Wits Start (Install and Live reload)
  • Tizen TV: Wits Watch (Live reload)

    Development tool for helping to run and develop your Tizen web application easily on your 2017+ Samsung TV. Find more details about Wits at https://github.com/Samsung/Wits

Getting Started

The extension supports most of the basic features required to develop a Tizen TV app. It supports to create application using predefined templates, package the application, sign the application using certificate profile, launch or debug application on TV Simulator, Emulator and Tizen TV.

Setup Environment

  1. Install latest VS Code release


  2. Execute ext install tizentv in command pallete(or clone tizentv-x.x.x.vsix from github, install with terminal command)

    #code --install-extension tizentv-x.x.x.vsix
  3. Start/Restart VS Code
  4. Use F1 to open the palette and input >Tizen to find commands

Command Configuration

For running/debugging an app, please configure one of below items:

File > Preferences > User Settings or Code >Preferences > User Settings

  • tizentv.simulatorLocation

    Configuration of TV simulator's executable location
  • tizentv.chromeExecutable

    Configuration of chrome executable's path
  • tizentv.targetDeviceAddress

    Configuration of target TV's IP address
  • tizentv.hostPCAddress

    Configuration of user's host PC IP address