The TV extension for Tizen Studio allows you to create applications for Samsung Smart TVs.

TV Extension Image 7.0 Download

Windows 64bit
Ubuntu 64bit
macOS 64bit

Release Note

New and Changed Features

TV Extension 7.0

  • NEW Update "7.0 Emulator TV Platform"
  • NEW Support Sero Function (Screen Rotation and Related Events)
  • NEW Apply .NET 6 / TizenFX TV API 10.10.0
  • NEW Apply latest WASM (Chromium M94)

(Known issue on TV Emulator)

  • Scenario: Voice guide ON and reboot emulator instance
    Issue: voice guide can not work and emulator response slow
    Work around solution: Turn Off voice guide.
  • Scenario: install 1st app, install 2nd app, enter into "APPS"
    Issue: "APPS" only show the 1st app
    Work around solution: return to firstscreen and enter into "APPS" again.

Tizen Studio IDE

  • NEW web-add-ons package updated for Tizen 7.0 TV template
  • NEW TV Extension IDE Supported for Tizen TV SDK 7.0

Tizen TV .NET App Template

  • Update Tizen TV .NET App Template for Tizen 7.0

Web Simulator

  • NEW Support Tizen 7.0 Web APIs
  • NEW Added B2B WebAPIs: RemotePower / Broadcast / AVPlay
  • NEW Update node-webkit from 0.50.0 to 0.62.2

Fixed Bugs


  • Fix issue: voice guide can not work and emulator response slow
  • Fix issue: "APPS" only show the 1st app
  • Fix issue: it takes too long time to boot emulator instance

Web Simulator

  • Fix issue: no audio output for Mp4 on MacOS

Tizen TV .NET App Template

  • Fix issue: Backward Compatibility support of Tizen TV 7.0 Template for lower Tizen TV till 5.5 version



  • Tizen Studio should be installed under "home" directory/folder (default folder) in MAC OS
    otherwise Java installation error will occur . (Issue will be resolved in next release)


  • 4K video play is not supported.
  • DRM(Digital Rights Management) is not supported.
  • Seeking from a second video does not work before the first video is completed

Web Simulator

  • Not support apis (Broadcast API ,AVPlayExtension API,RemotePower API)

Known Issues

  • The application "Lock/Unlock" feature is not functional in the TV emulator.

  • The following Samsung Product Web APIs are not supported by the emulator:

    • getTunerEpop() method of the ProductInfo API
    • getDolbyDigitalCompMode() method of the AvInfo API
    • Billing API
    • SSO API
    • Document API
    • Syncplay API
    • SystemControl API
    • Timer API
  • The following TizenFX TV APIs are not supported by the emulator:

    • Tizen.TV.Accessory
    • Tizen.TV.Multimedia
    • Tizen.TV.Service.Billing
    • Tizen.TV.Service.Sso
  • There can be sound distortion when testing the text-to-speech (TTS) features with the emulator.

  • If you use a MacBook Pro which has both Intel HD and NVIDIA® GPUs,the emulator can be unexpectedly terminated when you execute the emulator with "OpenGL ES Ver" set to "v1.1 & v2.0". Check the emulator configuration in the Emulator Manager, and on the "General" tab in the "Emulator Configuration" window, set "OpenGL ES Ver" to "v2.0 & v3.0".

  • Sometimes web simulator gets stopped when running web apps with videos.
    (This issue occurs only in Windows )

  • Stopping profiling session from Visual Studio Tools for Tizen gets stuck with OpenTK Sample app.

  • Terminating OpenTK Sample app launched by the memory profiling feature in Visual Studio
    Tools for Tizen is not available.

  • Unit Test (IDE > Run > Run As > Tizen Web Unit Test Application) is not supported.

  • Search at Apps is not working in emulator.