Adding NaCl Modules to Projects

This topic describes how to create Native Client modules linked to a TV application project.

You can create and add a Native Client (NaCl) module to an existing TV application project:

  1. In the Tizen Studio "Project Explorer" view, right-click the project.

  2. Select "New > NaCl Module".

    Figure 1. Add a NaCl module

  3. Define the programming language and whether to create a sample, template, or empty module, and then click "Next".

    • The sample modules introduce how to implement various basic NaCl features. For more information, see Sample-based Tutorials.
    • The template module includes code stubs for the interfaces you select from the list.
    • The empty module is a basic NaCl module that does not provide any functionality. It contains only code stubs for the important functions that must be implemented.

      Figure 2. Define module content
  4. Define the module name, header file location, and source file location, and click "Next".

    The module name must be unique in the current workspace.

    Figure 3. Define module properties

  5. Define the position and size for displaying the NaCl module on the Web page, and click "Finish".

    Figure 4. Configure module visibility

The module is created within the "nacl_modules" folder in the TV application project. It also appears as its own project in the "Project Explorer" view, so you can configure, develop, and test the module separately.

Figure 5. Project Explorer tree