Application Testing Q&A

The following questions are related to testing applications.

To test your application on a TV, you must use the Tizen Studio IDE. You can also use the USB Demo Packaging Tool, available in the Samsung Apps TV Seller Office.

You can test your application on the emulator without using the IDE. The Tizen Studio Command Line Interface (CLI) provides functionalities for installing, running, and uninstalling applications.

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To install and test your application on a TV, you must connect the TV and the Tizen Studio. For more information, see TV Device.

If you do not have access to an actual Samsung Smart TV, you can also test your application in the TV emulator.

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Before connecting a Samsung Smart TV to the Tizen Studio, you must enable Developer Mode on the TV. For more information, see Connecting the TV and SDK.

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To connect a Smart TV to the Tizen Studio, you must enable Developer Mode on the TV, connect the TV and your computer to the same network, and launch the Remote Device Manager in the Tizen Studio. For more information, see TV Device.

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Make sure that you have connected the TV and computer to the same network, and enabled Developer Mode on the TV. For more information, see TV Device.

You can also try to connect the TV to the Tizen Studio without using the Remote Device Manager:

  1. On the TV, enable Developer Mode.
  2. In the Windows® command prompt, navigate to your <Tizen Studio>\tools directory.
  3. Enter the sdb connect <your TV IP address> command.
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The emulator and the TV environments are very similar, but there are some differences at the hardware level. For more information, see Emulator Limitations.

Make sure you perform the final testing of your application on the TV.

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Applications installed to a TV through the Tizen Studio are uninstalled when the TV is switched off or disconnected from the Tizen Studio. This is the intended platform behavior.

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The TV emulator is a virtual machine that reduces the inconvenience of testing the application on a real device, by providing an environment similar to a real TV. For information about using the emulator, see TV Emulator.

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Prelaunching allows several applications to load in the background when the Samsung TV is switched on. When the user runs a prelaunched application, it launches immediately with no loading time. Prelaunching is supported on the TV emulator. For more information, see Prelaunching Applications.

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You can test DRM-protected content playback on an actual TV.

Due to possible security issues, using DRM functions in the emulator is not possible. DRM-protected content can only be played back on a real device.

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You can use the Web Inspector to help you optimize your Web applications. It provides a debugging environment, and allows you to inspect the CSS and layout of HTML pages, and monitor resource and network usage.

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Select a model based on the media formats you want to support. For information on which TV models are included in each model group, see TV Model Groups.

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For information about testing hosted applications on a TV, contact your Samsung Apps TV Seller Office Content Manager.

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When no applications are running on the TV or emulator, the Web socket connection to the computer closes, disconnecting the Web Inspector. To prevent Web Inspector disconnection:

  1. To install your application on the TV or emulator and launch the Web Inspector, run the application in debug mode from the Tizen Studio.
  2. When the Web Inspector finishes loading, launch a different application from the Smart Hub.
  3. Return to the Smart Hub and launch your application.
    The first application remains running but hidden, and prevents the Web Inspector from disconnecting when you close your application.

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No. Automated testing is not supported on Samsung TVs.

Additionally, the Automatic Testing Tools provided for Samsung Legacy Platform are no longer supported.

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TV applications do not support generating crash logs. However, you can detect when the application stops or closes unexpectedly, by implementing a software watchdog timer.

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Yes. To test accessing content from another country or region, connect the TV to the Internet through a VPN.

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You can view network traffic statistics in the Web Inspector. However, the Web Inspector detects only ordinary Web traffic. It does not detect network traffic from, for example, media playback using the AVPlay API.

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The Web Inspector does not work properly with Samsung TVs on later versions of Google Chrome™. You can try using an older Google Chrome™ version.

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No. For security reasons, the Tizen Studio Dynamic Analyzer is not supported on Samsung TVs.

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No. It is not possible to obtain root access to the TV.

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No. The sdb logging feature is not supported on Samsung TVs. It is not possible to retrieve system logs.

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This error is related to a certificate issue. Try creating a new certificate profile, making sure you select the distributor certificate privilege level you need, then building the project with the new certificate profile.

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If you have modified the content of a ".wgt" file after packaging it, it can no longer be installed. You must build the package again through the Tizen Studio.

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Samsung TVs support only Web applications (".wgt" files). They do not support native applications (".tpk" files).

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No. Testing by proxy is not supported on Samsung TVs.

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No. To test Samsung TV applications, the device must have access to the Tizen and Samsung Product APIs. The Samsung Product API is only available on Samsung devices.

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